2023 Revisits

The following restaurants will be revisited during 2023. These were the top 6 restaurants at the end of 2022. One of these will be revisited every other month (starting in January) with the actual restaurant to be randomly selected based on the bonus ball from the preceding Saturday's National Lottery draw.

Click on a restaurant's name to see the report for our most recent visit.

Restaurant Date of Revisit Bonus Ball
(22 Jul Draw)
1. Empress (The) - 01-20
2. Drummond Villa 29 Jan 2023 n/a
3. Red Chilli 25 May 2023 n/a
4. King's Cross Tandoori 28 Mar 2023 n/a
5. Spice Trader - 21-40
6. Mumbai Square - 41-59

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