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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

After a long absence, Griff seems to have forgotten normal "lads' curry" behaviour.

Visit 209 : The Red Fort
28 Sep 2017

"Sam the Eagle" makes a long-awaited re-appearance.

Visit 164 : Bangalore Express City
28 Nov 2013

A touch of cold shoulder?
It looks like a night out with the missus!

Visit 154 : Anokha
31 Jan 2013

Gloria in all his glory ... but as your Dad would say, "He could do with a bloody hair-cut!"

Visit 73 : Spice Trader
27 Apr 2006

I don't believe it. Sitting down in the pub?
What a bunch of tarts.

Visit 117 : Gulshan
14 Jan 2010 (Dec 2009 outing)

"Refreshing Wet Towel" it says on the label but Griff is not impressed. It's his pet hate - don't get him started!

Visit 76 : Kasturi
27 Jul 2006

100-up! John (left) is presented with an engraved glass to commemorate his 100th appearance.

Visit 138 : Lahore Kebab House
29 Sep 2011

Tim & Neil came directly from their audition for the next Addams Family film.

Visit 56 : Kasturi
25 Nov 2004

Graeme clings onto his 'Menu Buddy'.
"Don't ever leave me, Jeff."

Visit 114 : Bengal Tiger
24 Sep 2009

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