Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

"You're fired!"
Alan Sugar was not impressed with this restaurant.

Visit 127 : Chawol
28 Oct 2010

After wearing his gardening jumper last month, Robin decides to dress up.

Visit 36 : Jaipur
27 Feb 2003

"Fork handles?"

Visit 191 : Mumbai Square
31 Mar 2016

Luckily, Neil fails in his "Break a glass with your bare hands" challenge.

Visit 147 : Masala
28 Jun 2012

Jeff uses his glass to WARM his face after the most pathetic 'hot' towels ever.

Visit 131 : Taste of India
24 Feb 2011

In readiness for the forthcoming election ... our very own "Tory Boy"!

Visit 180 : Eastern Eye
30 Apr 2015

Graeme celebrates his 100th appearance with his commemorative engraved glass (inset).

Visit 107 : The India
26 Feb 2009

CurryMarks member talks to woman in restaurant!!!
(Apparently, it was about Star Wars!)

Visit 153 : Bangalore Express City
20 Dec 2012

The Mateus (Matoose?) Rose makes a comeback for our discerning Aussie.

Visit 157 : The Empress
25 Apr 2013

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