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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

Curry Marks!
(They're both called Mark, you see!)

Visit 221 : The Rajasthan II
27 Sep 2018

100-up! John (left) is presented with an engraved glass to commemorate his 100th appearance.

Visit 138 : Lahore Kebab House
29 Sep 2011

Don't tell Tim, but it's gone 7:30 and the boys are still in the pub.

Visit 104 : Curry Leaf East
27 Nov 2008

At last, Jeff has found someone who listens to what he is saying.

Visit 176 : Spice Trader
27 Nov 2014

Graeme tries to look interested as Robin explains his star cross-reference data table.

Visit 105 : Papadoms
8 Jan 2009 (Dec 2008 outing)

That's why we call him "Tall Tony"!

Visit 102 : Bengal Tiger
25 Sep 2008

A sharp intake of breath as Mark gets the bill.

Visit 47 : Matab's
29 Jan 2004

They're a bit shy, bless 'em.

Visit 168 : Red Chilli
27 Mar 2014

Geoff (left) tries to look cool while Jon resurrects Beaker (who we haven't seen for a while).

Visit 235 : The Empress
28 Nov 2019

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