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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

In an otherwise empty restaurant, it was just Jon's luck to get the seat next to the tramp.

Visit 115 : Barbican Tandoori
29 Oct 2009

Top towels!
(And that Blackpool-in-the-60s look is still classy.)

Visit 98 : Philpot Tandoori
30 May 2008

Some of these deserve to be behind bars!

Visit 204 : New Taj Mahal
27 Apr 2017

"The sweetest man in England" with Aneta, our Polish (unofficial) guest.

Visit 173 : Herb & Spice
28 Aug 2014

Jeff uses his glass to WARM his face after the most pathetic 'hot' towels ever.

Visit 131 : Taste of India
24 Feb 2011

You don't get many of those to the pound.

Visit 97 : Sripur
24 Apr 2008

What on earth ... ?

Visit 24 : Bengal Tiger
28 Feb 2002

Graeme clings onto his 'Menu Buddy'.
"Don't ever leave me, Jeff."

Visit 114 : Bengal Tiger
24 Sep 2009

Tim (right) wasn't wrong when he said he was a bit p****d that night!

Visit 166 : The Empress
30 Jan 2014

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