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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

A good effort from both Jeff & Griff, but neither of them got through to the final of the Jimmy Hill look-alike competition.

Visit 81 : Chillies
28 Dec 2006

Who's that with Richard? Oh, it's Neil - he's a Country Member.
(Altogether, now ... "Yes, I remember.")

Visit 125 : Sitar
26 Aug 2010

Goodness, gracious, me - a comedy waiter.
Actually, he was very funny and efficient.

Visit 77 : Bengal Trader
31 Aug 2006

3 restaurants? No, 1 restaurant.
Aladin = Nazrul = Jasmine.

Visit 202 : The Nazrul
23 Feb 2017

Dom looks like he is auditioning for a job as one of Lord Sugar's 'interrogators'.
"Where did you say that you went to university?"

Visit 146 : Kasturi
31 May 2012

Very dodgy Cobra.
"Do you want a Flake with that, Luv?"

Visit 75 : Sheba
29 Jun 2006

Aneta z Jon
(najmilszy mezczyzna w Londynie).

Visit 207 : Curry Leaf East
28 Jul 2017

Gloria in all his glory ... but as your Dad would say, "He could do with a bloody hair-cut!"

Visit 73 : Spice Trader
27 Apr 2006

I can't put my finger on it, but there was something different about El Presidente that night.

Visit 100 : Veeraswamy
31 Jul 2008

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