Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

Alex celebrates his 100th appearance with his commemorative engraved glass.

Visit 213 : New Taj Mahal
25 Jan 2018

An expert can tell a lot about a wine by its 'nose'.

Visit 84 : Bengal Trader
29 Mar 2007

John's mood reflects his dissatisfaction with the ambience.

Visit 71 : Smithfield Tandoori
23 Feb 2006

You don't get many of those to the pound.

Visit 97 : Sripur
24 Apr 2008

These M&S suits are available in Large, Extra Large and "Griff" sizes.

Visit 61 : Dil Chad
28 Apr 2005

"The Legend" attempts a 'no hands' in order to get rid of his hiccups.

Visit 65 : The Rajasthan III
25 Aug 2005

I don't believe it. Sitting down in the pub?
What a bunch of tarts.

Visit 117 : Gulshan
14 Jan 2010 (Dec 2009 outing)

Fairy lights, plastic flowers, Bollywood films on a 14-inch TV?
Who said "Tacky"?

Visit 137 : Sajna
25 Aug 2011

Praying for a good meal?

Visit 54 : The India
30 Sep 2004

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