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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

Mark (right) looks distraught that Graeme can only make a virtual appearance due to his recent health scare.

Visit 135 : Gandhi's
30 Jun 2011

Dom, you can take your hand off my arse now.

Visit 185 : The Empress
24 Sep 2015

Aneta z Jon
(najmilszy mezczyzna w Londynie).

Visit 207 : Curry Leaf East
27 Jul 2017

We were well looked after by
the main man.

Visit 215 : Gulab Tandoori
29 Mar 2018

At last, Jeff has found someone who listens to what he is saying.

Visit 176 : Spice Trader
27 Nov 2014

A carnation says something
about a man.

Visit 210 : The Rajasthan II
26 Oct 2017

Sometimes, two hands are just not enough.

Visit 128 : Papadoms
25 Nov 2010

Ever felt like your conscience is sitting on your shoulder, stopping you from enjoying yourself?

Visit 184 : Mumbai Square
27 Aug 2015

"Let us pray"
John's been going to Bible classes (with his children).

Visit 91 : Bengal Tiger
25 Oct 2007

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