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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

In readiness for the forthcoming election ... our very own "Tory Boy"!

Visit 180 : Eastern Eye
30 Apr 2015

There's not much excitement on show as the main course is served.

Visit 188 : The Famous Moonlight
17 Dec 2015

Neil gives Hannibal Lektor a run for his money.
Scary or what?

Visit 49 : Sheba
25 Mar 2004

I can't help feeling that Tim has compromised his standards by sharing Dom's "Matoose".

Visit 206 : Gulab Tandoori
29 Jun 2017

Is Tim looking up the Polish for "I'm bored"?

Visit 178 : Bangalore Express City
29 Jan 2015

A touch of cold shoulder?
It looks like a night out with the missus!

Visit 154 : Anokha
31 Jan 2013

In an otherwise empty restaurant, it was just Jon's luck to get the seat next to the tramp.

Visit 115 : Barbican Tandoori
29 Oct 2009

Tim (right) wasn't wrong when he said he was a bit p****d that night!

Visit 166 : The Empress
30 Jan 2014

Dom poses with his latest 'curry mate'.
(Maybe he'll leave me alone now. G.)

Visit 211 : Masala
30 Nov 2017

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