Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

One of these two looks like a right tart;
the other is drinking Cobra.

Visit 194 : Cafe Saffron
30 Jun 2016

Nice to see Jon enjoying a drink (or two).

Visit 175 : Muhib Indian Cuisine
30 Oct 2014

Top deodorant!

Visit 196 : Cinnamon Tree
25 Aug 2016

Notice anything different about Jeff?

Visit 121 : Salaam Namaste
29 Apr 2010

A rare view of the Ladies' toilet facilities.
(Thanks Cazza!)

Visit 74 : Mehek
25 May 2006

You don't get many of those to the pound.

Visit 97 : Sripur
24 Apr 2008

A good effort from both Jeff & Griff, but neither of them got through to the final of the Jimmy Hill look-alike competition.

Visit 81 : Chillies
28 Dec 2006

"What's a nice girl like you doing with ...?"
(Dom with his guest Colleen.)

Visit 228 : India India
25 Apr 2019

Go on, Brian, try it. It won't make people question your sexuality.
Just look at Dom ... oh!

Visit 155 : Seema Tandoori
28 Feb 2013

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