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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

The 'Fingers' are captured on camera for the first time. One day, people will be taking degrees in this new language.

Visit 165 : Bengal Tiger
19 Dec 2013

A rare moment of civilised conversation in keeping with the charm of the Shampan.

Visit 156 : The Shampan
28 Mar 2013

All that's missing is the Status Quo wig!

Visit 130 : Rasa W1
27 Jan 2011

Neil (right) is pretending to be sensible for once.

Visit 167 : The Nazrul
27 Feb 2014

The founder members celebrate the big five-oh (the 50th club outing) at the Bombay Cuisine (now the Bombay Spice).

Visit 50 : Bombay Spice
29 Apr 2004

Griff is in "Hot Towel Heaven" as Mehek fulfils his fantasies by bringing him PROPER hot towels BEFORE the meal!

Visit 112 : Mehek
30 Jul 2009

Graeme clings onto his 'Menu Buddy'.
"Don't ever leave me, Jeff."

Visit 114 : Bengal Tiger
24 Sep 2009

Lots of finger pointing as the EGM gets a little heated.

Visit 43 : Bengal Tiger
25 Sep 2003

We haven't seen "Gloria" for a while.
Griff may have lost weight but he still has big hair.

Visit 158 : Curry Leaf East
30 May 2013

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