Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

Some of these deserve to be behind bars!

Visit 204 : New Taj Mahal
27 Apr 2017

Sometimes, two hands are just not enough.

Visit 128 : Papadoms
25 Nov 2010

Griff is in "Hot Towel Heaven" as Mehek fulfils his fantasies by bringing him PROPER hot towels BEFORE the meal!

Visit 112 : Mehek
30 Jul 2009

As an experienced CurryMarks member, Jon gets the food vs drink balance just about right!

Visit 68 : Spice Brick Lane
24 Nov 2005

Graeme tries to look interested as Robin explains his star cross-reference data table.

Visit 105 : Papadoms
8 Jan 2009 (Dec 2008 outing)

Griff shows why he is the (rural) Essex gurning champion.

Visit 72 : Philpot Tandoori
30 Mar 2006

Graeme clings onto his 'Menu Buddy'.
"Don't ever leave me, Jeff."

Visit 114 : Bengal Tiger
24 Sep 2009

CurryMarks member talks to woman in restaurant!!!
(Apparently, it was about Star Wars!)

Visit 153 : Bangalore Express City
20 Dec 2012

Luckily, Neil fails in his "Break a glass with your bare hands" challenge.

Visit 147 : Masala
28 Jun 2012

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