Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

One of these two looks like a right tart;
the other is drinking Cobra.

Visit 194 : Cafe Saffron
30 Jun 2016

The Mateus (Matoose?) Rose makes a comeback for our discerning Aussie.

Visit 157 : The Empress
25 Apr 2013

Is Tim looking up the Polish for "I'm bored"?

Visit 178 : Bangalore Express City
29 Jan 2015

I'd like a bottle of wine but can you send the bill to Dom?

Visit 162 : Mehek
26 Sep 2013

Having recommended this restaurant, Richard prays that Rasa W1 will live up to his expectations.

Visit 123 : Rasa W1
24 Jun 2010

Worried about hair loss? Always lurking in the background?
Drink Cobra and you'll have a luxurious head of hair in no time!

Visit 62 : Bengal Cuisine
26 May 2005

"Let us pray"
John's been going to Bible classes (with his children).

Visit 91 : Bengal Tiger
25 Oct 2007

Confused about the name of this restaurant? So are they!

Visit 139 : Herb & Spice
27 Oct 2011

An expert can tell a lot about a wine by its 'nose'.

Visit 84 : Bengal Trader
29 Mar 2007

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