Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

Jon turns the popadoms to dust (in just one blow - as Mark's finger indicates).

Visit 129 : Lahore Kebab House
30 Dec 2010

Aneta z Jon
(najmilszy mezczyzna w Londynie).

Visit 207 : Curry Leaf East
27 Jul 2017

Domís guest, Roger, demonstrates how Timís shirt originally looked before all those curry stains!

Visit 226 : Dil Chad
28 Feb 2019

It's very rare these days but Shampan has draught Kingfisher and Cobra. Marvellous!

Visit 95 : The Shampan
28 Feb 2008

We have a right laugh on our curry nights.
It's just one joke after another.

Visit 70 : The Rajasthan
26 Jan 2006

A blast from the past ...
Some of the old-timers in Brick Lane.

Visit 145 : The Shampan
26 Apr 2012

Let's face it ... we've all wanted to, haven't we?

Visit 190 : Indian City
25 Feb 2016

Jon makes sure his guest (Aneta) doesn't feel left out.

Visit 183 : The Shampan
30 Jul 2015

A sharp intake of breath as Mark gets the bill.

Visit 47 : Matab's
29 Jan 2004

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