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December Outings

Take a look back at the feature photographs from this month over the years ...

For a change, a photo of a curry.

Visit 236 : The Famous Curry Bazaar
19 Dec 2019

Does Muhib have a portal into a parallel universe?

Visit 224 : Muhib Indian Cuisine
20 Dec 2018

Neil's my handle,
Curry's my angle,
See you there,
The man with no hair.
(A self-penned urban poem.)

Visit 212 : Little India
21 Dec 2017

Great to see a full turn-out for our 200th outing!

Visit 200 : The Red Fort
12 Jan 2017 (Dec 2016 outing)

There's not much excitement on show as the main course is served.

Visit 188 : The Famous Moonlight
17 Dec 2015

Meet the 'Engine Room' of the CurryMarks Choir.

Visit 177 : Bengal Tiger
18 Dec 2014

The 'Fingers' are captured on camera for the first time. One day, people will be taking degrees in this new language.

Visit 165 : Bengal Tiger
19 Dec 2013

CurryMarks member talks to woman in restaurant!!!
(Apparently, it was about Star Wars!)

Visit 153 : Bangalore Express City
20 Dec 2012

Tim's (BYO) wine was very nice apparently. (Well, he did drink the whole bottle.)

Visit 141 : Mirch Masala
5 Jan 2012 (Dec 2011 outing)

Jon turns the popadoms to dust (in just one blow - as Mark's finger indicates).

Visit 129 : Lahore Kebab House
30 Dec 2010

I don't believe it. Sitting down in the pub?
What a bunch of tarts.

Visit 117 : Gulshan
14 Jan 2010 (Dec 2009 outing)

Graeme tries to look interested as Robin explains his star cross-reference data table.

Visit 105 : Papadoms
8 Jan 2009 (Dec 2008 outing)

Yes, it was THAT bad.
(Jeff contemplates our mistake in choosing this restaurant.)

Visit 93 : Saffron
27 Dec 2007

A good effort from both Jeff & Griff, but neither of them got through to the final of the Jimmy Hill look-alike competition.

Visit 81 : Chillies
28 Dec 2006

Suzi, Tess & the "Map of Tassie" were all discussed at great length.

Visit 69 : Monsoon
29 Dec 2005

Thoughtfully provided by the management - I made full use of this combined urinal, bidet & basin.

Visit 57 : Spice Brick Lane
30 Dec 2004

Jon's mark of 6 for ambience looks to be a little generous.

Visit 46 : Gulshan
8 Jan 2004 (Dec 2003 outing)

Extra toilet roll was thoughtfully (and tastefully?) provided.

Visit 34 : Spice Garden City
2 Jan 2003 (Dec 2002 outing)

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