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September Outings

Take a look back at the feature photographs from this month over the years ...

If you saw that on the pavement, you'd make sure you didn't step in it!

Visit 240 : The Empress
30 Sep 2021

The restaurant helpfully displayed a "morning after" warning for those who were tempted by the hotter dishes.

Visit 233 : The Halal
26 Sep 2019

Curry Marks!
(They're both called Mark, you see!)

Visit 221 : The Rajasthan II
27 Sep 2018

After a long absence, Griff seems to have forgotten normal "lads' curry" behaviour.

Visit 209 : The Red Fort
28 Sep 2017

The six stages of hair loss.

Visit 197 : Eastern Eye
29 Sep 2016

Dom, you can take your hand off my arse now.

Visit 185 : The Empress
24 Sep 2015

Is the hand needed to prevent the Cobra glass coming out of the top of Neil's head?

Visit 174 : Masala
25 Sep 2014

I'd like a bottle of wine but can you send the bill to Dom?

Visit 162 : Mehek
26 Sep 2013

It's the Club's 150th outing and the 'Founding Fathers' don't look a day older than they did in 2000!

Visit 150 : Lahore Kebab House
27 Sep 2012

100-up! John (left) is presented with an engraved glass to commemorate his 100th appearance.

Visit 138 : Lahore Kebab House
29 Sep 2011

Mark (right) is presented with a Mongoose glass (kindly donated by the Mehek management) to commemorate his 100th appearance.

Visit 126 : Mehek
30 Sep 2010

Graeme clings onto his 'Menu Buddy'.
"Don't ever leave me, Jeff."

Visit 114 : Bengal Tiger
24 Sep 2009

That's why we call him "Tall Tony"!

Visit 102 : Bengal Tiger
25 Sep 2008

Graeme's 6' 2" ... so how tall is the waiter?

Visit 90 : Mehek
27 Sep 2007

"Jeff, I'm not going to tell you again. Strictly Come Dancing IS a top TV show and that's the end of it."

Visit 78 : Curry Leaf East
28 Sep 2006

After 65 barren outings, we finally managed to get a woman to agree to come out with us! Our guest was Caroline ("Cazza"). And she took a photo of the Ladies!

Visit 66 : Kasturi
29 Sep 2005

Praying for a good meal?

Visit 54 : The India
30 Sep 2004

Lots of finger pointing as the EGM gets a little heated.

Visit 43 : Bengal Tiger
25 Sep 2003

"Lick my chick" - well, that's what they said.

Visit 31 : Sheba
26 Sep 2002

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