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May Outings

Take a look back at the feature photographs from this month over the years ...

Jon studiously studies the menu.
(Mind you though, why do they have menus in curry houses?)

Visit 217 : The Empress
31 May 2018

The first bearded Aussie wino to reach his century, Dom (right) is presented with his commemorative engraved glass.

Visit 205 : The Empress
25 May 2017

Alex & Richard can hardly contain their laughter as they share a joke.

Visit 193 : Curry Leaf East
26 May 2016

A rose (nearly) between two thorns?

Visit 181 : Mehek
28 May 2015

Graeme (left) looks on anxiously as Jon takes over the ordering duties for the evening.

Visit 170 : The Shampan
29 May 2014

We haven't seen "Gloria" for a while.
Griff may have lost weight but he still has big hair.

Visit 158 : Curry Leaf East
30 May 2013

Dom looks like he is auditioning for a job as one of Lord Sugar's 'interrogators'.
"Where did you say that you went to university?"

Visit 146 : Kasturi
31 May 2012

Nosferatu? Didn't he used to be a Country Member?

Visit 134 : Mehek
26 May 2011

Ever the perfectionist, John practices his drinking technique.
Just look at that high elbow - you can't teach that.

Visit 122 : Gulshan
27 May 2010

Two more for the collection!

Visit 110 : Curry Leaf East
28 May 2009

Top towels!
(And that Blackpool-in-the-60s look is still classy.)

Visit 98 : Philpot Tandoori
29 May 2008

Wot, no draft Indian beer?
(Inspired by Chad - for those of you old enough to remember.)

Visit 86 : Spice Trader
31 May 2007

A rare view of the Ladies' toilet facilities.
(Thanks Cazza!)

Visit 74 : Mehek
25 May 2006

Worried about hair loss? Always lurking in the background?
Drink Cobra and you'll have a luxurious head of hair in no time!

Visit 62 : Bengal Cuisine
26 May 2005

The poppadoms were massive!

Visit 51 : The Shampan
27 May 2004

Get the elaborate (& erotic) painted dome on the ceiling!

Visit 39 : Matab's
29 May 2003

John, I think your hair-cut looks great.

Visit 27 : Dil Chad
30 May 2002

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