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June Outings

Take a look back at the feature photographs from this month over the years ...

Not sure what was going on here, but it was the only (semi?) interesting photo taken.

Visit 260 : Depa Tandoori
29 Jun 2023

Rats (left) getting a bit lairy. You can take the boy out of the East End ...

Visit 248 : Sripur
30 Jun 2022

Obviously, Rats (right) didn't find the conversation as amusing as Jeff.

Visit 230 : Red Chilli
27 Jun 2019

Diggers, you're such a cool dude!
(Another season, another of Dom's hats does the rounds.)

Visit 218 : Bengal Tiger
29 Jun 2018

I can't help feeling that Tim has compromised his standards by sharing Dom's "Matoose".

Visit 206 : Gulab Tandoori
29 Jun 2017

One of these two looks like a right tart;
the other is drinking Cobra.

Visit 194 : Cafe Saffron
30 Jun 2016

Check out those shirts. (Geddit?)

Visit 182 : Bhatti Indian Cuisine
25 Jun 2015

I'm pleased that Alex chose to wear his smart sandals for our evening out.

Visit 171 : Jamdani
26 Jun 2014

I don't fancy yours much.
(Or mine, actually.)

Visit 159 : Red Chilli
27 Jun 2013

Luckily, Neil fails in his "Break a glass with your bare hands" challenge.

Visit 147 : Masala
28 Jun 2012

Mark (right) looks distraught that Graeme can only make a virtual appearance due to his recent health scare.

Visit 135 : Gandhi's
30 Jun 2011

Having recommended this restaurant, Richard prays that Rasa W1 will live up to his expectations.

Visit 123 : Rasa W1
24 Jun 2010

Members are expected to behave in a mature manner and demonstrate good table manners.

Visit 111 : Indian City
25 Jun 2009

El Presidente - he always comes up smelling of roses.

Visit 99 : Mehek
26 Jun 2008

How can I compare you to a curry?
Let me count the ways ...
Who was the left over dish?
Posh but with little breast meat?
Lumpy & spiced just right?
Too large for one sitting?
With something hidden underneath?
Flash & in your face?

Visit 87 : Clifton
28 Jun 2007

Very dodgy Cobra.
"Do you want a Flake with that, Luv?"

Visit 75 : Sheba
29 Jun 2006

The food was nicely presented, but I would have preferred something to eat!

Visit 63 : Mehek
30 Jun 2005

The Chelski Boys with the latest signing to the Curry Club.

Visit 40 : Eastern Spice
26 Jun 2003

A trip to the toilet (via the spiral staircase) can be a bit hazardous after a few Cobras.

Visit 28 : City Raj
27 Jun 2002

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