Name: Mehek
Status: Closed
Area: Moorgate
Address: 45 London Wall
London EC2M 5TE
Phone: 020 7588 5043

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1. 30 Jun 2005|2. 25 May 2006|3. 27 Sep 2007|4. 26 Jun 2008|5. 30 Jul 2009
6. 30 Sep 2010|7. 26 May 2011|8. 26 Jul 2012|9. 26 Sep 2013|10. 31 Jul 2014
11. 28 May 2015

El Presidente - he always comes up smelling of roses.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 99 (visit 4 of 11 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 26 Jun 2008
Cost per head: £28.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 8.2 8.0 6.9 7.6 6.5 7.1 8.0 7.7 7.4 7.56
Mark 9 8 5 7 5 7 7 8 7.0 See Mark's comments
Graeme 7 8 6 8 7 8 10 7 8 7.9 See Graeme's comments
Dominic 9 10 8 8 7 7 8 7 8 8.0 See Dominic's comments
Jeff 8 7 8 10 7 10 8 8 8.5 See Jeff's comments
John 9 9 8 9 8 8 10 8 8 8.7 See John's comments
Jon 9 8 7 6 7 8 5 8 5 6.8 See Jon's comments
Matt (Guest) 6 5 6 6 4 4 4 5 5 5.0 See Matt's comments
Robin 7 8 6 8 7 8 9 9 8 7.9 See Robin's comments
Brian 9 9 7 8 7 8 10 10 9 8.7 See Brian's comments
Tim 9 8 8 6 6 7 7 7 7.2 See Tim's comments

All Comments

Mark - At last I get an offical visit to the Mehek having missed the previous 3 for various reasons. Only problem was I had been out on a farewell lunch and was not really hungry. Therefore settled for Onion Bajhe starter that was thankfully free of the usual oily taste & texture served elsewhere. My main of Chicken Tandoori was plentiful, two generous pieces, and the only let down was the dryish peshwari nan and beer that could have been cooler. Real towels always a bonus as is a friendly welcome. Makes you want to come back and hopefully we will even if Aussie(?) Matt did not make the best menu choice.

Graeme - Top nosh! This was my best experience at Mehek. In the main, the food was excellent and everything else was at least very good! I had Malai (lamb) Chops to start - very tasty but they could have done with something (e.g. salad) with them. My main course of Garlic Chilli Chicken was superb. I reduced my service mark because when poppadoms were mentioned, the waiter gave us a knowing look and said he would take care of them - however, he only served up the eqivalent of about 1 poppadom each, all of which were plain (some of the guys prefer spicy). Our attempt to make the most of the sunny evening for our pre-match drinks was thwarted by the chilly wind that whistled across the patio outside the Globe on Moorgate - we held out as long as we could before retreating inside - so much for the Summer!

Dominic - This is a restaurant I like very much and we weren't disappointed by the visit. The service and ambience are both impeccable and we are always made to feel very special. My starter of King Prawn Puri was very good and the Prawn main was equally tasty and very well presented in a coconut shell. The sides were all tasty without any standing out and the wine was very good indeed albeit somewhat pricey. All in all an excellent evening.

Jeff - At last the Mehek delivers - my previous visits have been disappointing but this was a fabulous meal - without doubt the best of my many currymarks trips. The restaurant was nowhere near as busy as on previous visits, but when I blamed it on the credit crunch people laughed. Anyway, the lack of custom certainly allowed the chef to shine. My sheek kebab starter was very tasty indeed, and the main of Raan-e-jalfrezi, slices of tender lamb with vegetables and chillies, was superb and plentiful. Rice and vegetables were pretty good too. There was a good choice of beers, and service was very pleasant. Hot towels too. And washed down with a free liqueur. The only fault I can find was the lack of spicy poppadoms. Then the bill came to £5 less than our previous visit, a very reasonable £28 given the quality of the food. I think this will go in at number one, and deservedly so.

John - A good solid Mehek performance. I had the King Prawn Purree to start (very tasty) followed by an excellent chicken chilli garlic which had just the right amount of oomph. Veg and sundries were good also and a couple for free drinks at the end rounded off an enjoyable evening. The only downside of the night was the lack of entertainment provided by Matt - normally he manages to pass out / throw-up / set fire to himself but he managed to behave himself this time!

Jon - It’s probably down to my poor menu selection, but choosing to go for something different at the Mehek proved to be its downfall for me. I had some sort of King Prawn Special starter which looked a bit like a crashed Spitfire – it tasted fine but with just the one prawn, it was incredibly over-priced. And while the Suhki Duck main was plentiful, the meat was certainly not "succulent" as described and it was all-in-all disappointing. The accompaniments were all good, however, and the service as good as always – they even put the footy on for us. It was good to finally meet the infamous Mr Bradbury, but with him doing nothing extraordinary, at least while I was there, it was all a bit of an anti-climax!!

Matt - Left VFM as five as until I've had more curries in London to compare it too I shan't really be able to tell. Thanks again for the invite, I enjoyed the evening tremendously.

Robin - After the previous disappointing visit I was very pleased that the Mehek is back to top form. A lovely king prawn puri was followed by a superb lamb rogan josh, and this time the "special" rice was truly special. The other veg dishes were all really good too, and the aubergine dish was outstanding. A chapatti was a good choice – I managed to eat all of it and clear my plate without feeling too full. Service was pretty good despite the restaurant being fairly busy, and the meal was nicely rounded off by a free liqueur, negotiated by Dom of course. All in all a very pleasant evening and the price was about 10% down on our previous visit – a bargain!

Brian - A superb showing from the Mehek. Duck Tikka starter was good, main course of lamb shank was excellent, veggie dishes very good, including a squash that was a bit different and a freebie offering of some sort of potato croquette in a mildly spiced sauce. Company and conversation all up to their usual "high" standards, and it was excellent to see young Matthew, now returned to these shores from the colonies. It's also a good restaurant if you like the occasional cigarette, as its location means there is a large covered area extending both ways outside, so you don't have to huddle in the doorway if it's raining.

Tim - We had the same table as last time, although this time there was no wait as the place wasn't very busy. Dom was greated by the manager like an old friend (he's a regular), so we were assured of good service throughout the meal (at least at Dom's end of the table). The poppadoms may have been complimentary as I missed the usual discussion about plain or spicy. Starter of Haash (duck) Tikka was unusual - the meat had the consistency of liver. It wasn't unpleasant, but I wouldn't have recognised it as duck. The salad accompaniment could have been better, the purple leaves (spinach? unusual lettuce?) made a change from the usual Iceberg lettuce + one piece each of cucumber, tomato and lemon, but the leaves were warm and unexciting. Main course of Jungli Maans (venison + flat beans) was nice, but again I found the meat unrecognisable. I tried some unusual veg dishes: paneer malai kofta - cheese and potato balls in breadcrumbs in masala sauce (nice) and pohi-tah - vegetable squash with pink lentils (a bit tasteless, but then it was described as "light"). I had a very nice Burgundy, courtesy of Dom, and we finished the meal with a complimentary round of liqueurs/spirits. The overall price was a bit less than expected (though doesn't include the wine).

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