Name: Mehek
Status: Closed
Area: Moorgate
Address: 45 London Wall
London EC2M 5TE
Phone: 020 7588 5043

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1. 30 Jun 2005|2. 25 May 2006|3. 27 Sep 2007|4. 26 Jun 2008|5. 30 Jul 2009
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11. 28 May 2015

The food was nicely presented, but I would have preferred something to eat!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 63 (visit 1 of 11 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 30 Jun 2005
Cost per head: £31.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.5 7.4 6.8 7.6 7.0 6.6 8.3 7.0 6.8 7.34
Graeme 7 5 6 4 6 7 8 7 5 6.2 See Graeme's comments
John 8 8 9 10 8 8 8 8 9 8.5 See John's comments
Robin 7 8 6 9 10 7 9 7 9 8.1 See Robin's comments
Dominic (Guest) 8 9 6 9 6 5 7 6 7 6.9 See Dominic's comments
Richard 6 7 6 9 5 7 8 7 7 7.1 See Richard's comments
Alex 8 7 7 7 7 7 8 7 7 7.3 See Alex's comments
Brian 8 8 7 7 7 7 9 8 5 7.5 See Brian's comments
Jon 8 7 7 6 7 5 10 6 6 7.1 See Jon's comments

All Comments

Graeme - I'm not sure about this place. The food was generally very good but the ambience was nothing special (smart but life-less) and it was very expensive. My starter of Spicy Whitebait was, in fact, just Whitebait - there wasn't much spice at all. I had Chicken Jalfrezi for main - it was very good but packed a strong morning after garlic 'kick' - Mrs S was not amused. Tim broke with normal curry lout etiquette by doing a runner before eating his main course, rather than after. His sudden departure was apparantly due to feeling ill - was it a dodgy Whitebait or an excess of beer in the ODBH?

John - Posh, upmarket sort of joint. The king prawn purree was excellent - probably the best I've had. The chicken jalfrezi was also good but not outstanding. Sundries were of very high quality too. It made a change having a curry with one of the Anthill mob (or was it Bugsy Malone)? I half expected "horses head" to be on the menu! Maybe it was and that's what Tim ordered?

Robin - The Mehek (which was once the Jaipur) is a classy curry house with prices to match. My king prawn puri starter was excellent and there was plenty of it. My chicken madras was hotter than the norm and was also extremely good. The special rice and vegetable dishes were quite good but not outstanding, and the paratha bread was simply superb. After Tim's strange disappearing act (how can you "forget" that you’re in the middle of a meal with friends and wander off home?) I had a mouthful of whatever main course it was that he had ordered, and that was also rather nice if a little bland for my taste. It's a shame that such wonderful food can't be washed down with draught Indian beer, but one can make do with the bottled stuff. An excellent restaurant to visit if like me you're happy to pay top dollar for a quality meal.

Dominic - This was an interesting choice of venue given the modern surrounds but one which I quite liked. Ambience marks are especially high as I was able to enjoy Brian "self-concuss" throughout the evening! An excellent starter in the King Prawn Puree was followed by a passable Lamb Bhuna. But I was a little disappointed with all the side dishes and found the special rice to be a little bland. And resorting to type, the Rosé was good but too pricy. Indeed, I have a sneaking suspicion that a "Rosé drinker" at the table was the real reason that Tim disappeared into the night ....

Richard - An excellent "spicy whitebait" starter, which (for once) lived up to it's promise, with tasty succulent lamb rogan josh main, good aloo gobi, fully justifying a moderately high price. The food was slow to appear considering the place was empty, but otherwise I found the service attentive. The lack of people didn't distract much from the atmosphere, as the columns made the place feel cosy, and the modern funky decor was just right. The disappearing Colgate will enter currymarks legend, along with Dominic's Mateus Rosé (which made an appearance this evening, although he drank alone this time). We were grateful for a freebie brandy to round off the evening (no Tim to haggle for vintage brandy this time).

Alex - Service was attentive and ambience was nice, reflecting the price. Starter was tasty but a bit small while the Main was very good with balanced flavour. Cobra was Cobra and overall the place was relatively expensive but had good food.

Brian - Recollection rather hazy I'm afraid, due mainly to the passage of a weekend, although I admit that some blame must be laid at the door of the demon alcohol. Main course of a lump of lamb on the bone was fantastic, it was a bit pricey, and I seem to recall the veg was rather good. Definitely one for a revisit, only this time I must take notes as the evening progresses.

Jon - The Mehek is trying to live up to its excellent predecessor, the Jaipur, but hasn't quite made it yet. On the good side, the service was excellent and the lamb shank main course was superb. The mixed starter was tasty but slightly disappointing in size, and the special rice was bland. And the price tag was certainly on the lumpy side. It was a good overall experience although Tim obviously didn't enjoy it too much as he disappeared halfway through. Without Griff, Dominic's wine drinking passed without a hitch and despite the absence of two founder members, there was an impressive turnout of 9½.

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