Name: Mehek
Status: Closed
Area: Moorgate
Address: 45 London Wall
London EC2M 5TE
Phone: 020 7588 5043

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1. 30 Jun 2005|2. 25 May 2006|3. 27 Sep 2007|4. 26 Jun 2008|5. 30 Jul 2009
6. 30 Sep 2010|7. 26 May 2011|8. 26 Jul 2012|9. 26 Sep 2013|10. 31 Jul 2014
11. 28 May 2015

Griff is in "Hot Towel Heaven" as Mehek fulfils his fantasies by bringing him PROPER hot towels BEFORE the meal!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 112 (visit 5 of 11 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 30 Jul 2009
Cost per head: £30.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 8.9 8.2 6.8 8.0 7.3 7.3 8.8 7.9 8.0 8.02
Dave 10 10 8 8 9 9 9 9 8.9 See Dave's comments
Mark 8 8 6 8 6 9 8 7.8 See Mark's comments
Jeff 9 7 5 9 7 7 8 8 8 7.7 See Jeff's comments
Graeme 9 8 6 7 7 8 10 7 8 8.0 See Graeme's comments
Jon 9 8 7 9 7 7 7 8 7 7.7 See Jon's comments
Dominic 9 9 8 7 6 7 10 8 8 8.1 See Dominic's comments
Brian 9 9 7 9 8 7 10 8 8 8.5 See Brian's comments
Tim 8 7 8 7 7 7 7 7 7.2 See Tim's comments
Alex 9 8 7 8 8 9 8 9 8.3 See Alex's comments

All Comments

Dave - When 2 hot towels arrived before my starter it felt like I had arrived in "Hot Towel Heaven". This early peak was maintained as once again the Mehek delivered superb food in great surroundings with outstanding service. It really is the King of the curry houses and fully deserves its number one currymarks billing.

Mark - Mehek is one of the best places that we visit. Always a delight in terms of service as well as food. Chicken starter was plentiful and tasty while the Lamb Sag was wonderfully moist and tender. My selection of mushroom rice to go with it was not a good combination - my fault - as the result was a bit soggy. Beer could have been colder and still don't understand why waiters wish to pour one persons bottle into someone elses glass. A great evening to celebrate England winning the World Cup 43 years ago but amazed I was the only one who can remember watching it. Jeff carried out a survey of all our siblings while in the pub and it turned out that Graeme could not remember his little sisters birthday. How disappointing!

Jeff - I reckon the Mehek will have no problem keeping its top 6 place after this excellent showing. Good all-round quality on the food, excellent and attentive service (except for the random beer pouring), and the hottest of hot towels. Still no draft beer though!

Graeme - Top notch (and top nosh). Another good all-round performance by Mehek - nothing to fault, except maybe the lack of draft beer (but who provides that these days?). I had Chicken Tikka to start (just getting in touch with my feminine side), Garlic Chilli Chicken for main (perfect) and a nice gratis Brandy to round off a very good meal. It will take somewhere special to knock this place off top spot. I took part in another round of co-ordinated texting to the absent Rats - this time the message was much shorter than the usual chant.

Jon - Another good performance from the Mehek. Once again, the service was first rate, and it is a shame that we didn't notice the absence of service charge on the bill which meant that we didn't actually pay anything for service at all - most had left by the time we realised this. My chicken tikka starter was excellent and the lamb shank, while good, was not as good as it has been. I left feeling well satisfied, if slightly guilty.

Dominic - This continues to be one of my favourite venues and I tend to visit there "off piste" a number of times a year. The ambience and service is always enjoyable but perhaps the highlight of the evening was Dave's beaming face at "real towels" ... which he managed to obtain at the start of the meal ... I wonder how he managed that!!! But back to the food - the King Prawn Puree was good, however, the prawns were a little small this time. My Lamb Shank was again outstanding with all the supporting dishes quite good. The wine list has changed and I found a lovely red that complemented the meal. All in all an excellent night that was indeed VFM.

Brian - Excellent King Prawn Puri, followed by the Lamb shank, which I swore I was going to avoid this time, but it's difficult to stray from a dish that seems to me to be consistently excellent. Service lived up to expectations, as did Dom by securing a free Janice at the end of the meal (although others went for different drinks). If you don't know what a Janice is, tough!

Tim - I think I had a bit too much of Dom's wine - I was struggling to remember what the food was like on Friday. And it's still no easier to remember, so best guess is: We had the same table as last time, and, as Dom knows the manager, we got a warm greeting from the staff. I had chicken chat starter: small chicken pieces and chunks of cucumber in a thick, tangy sauce. I'm not sure I liked the cucumber being warm, or the lack of any side salad, but it was a good sauce, and the chicken was quite plentiful. The main course was chicken Goa, which was nice, but I can't remember too much about it, perhaps due to Dom's generous provision of a rather nice St Emilion. The meal was finished with a round of free liqueurs, and the overall cost of £30 was not bad for the quality of the meal.

Alex - Mehek was very good again and not so expensive for the quality. Always happy to go back there.

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