Name: Indian City
Previous name: City Spice
Area: Blackfriars
Address: 4 New Bridge Street
London EC4V 6AA
Phone: 020 7353 5525

Visits to this restaurant ...

1. 25 Jun 2009|2. 25 Feb 2016

Let's face it ... we've all wanted to, haven't we?

Visit Report

Visit Number: 190 (visit 2 of 2 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 25 Feb 2016
Cost per head: £42.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 6.6 6.3 6.6 7.4 7.0 6.8 7.7 6.4 4.7 6.75
Jon 7 7 7 7 6 6 7 7 4 6.5 See Jon's comments
Neil 6 7 5 8 7 7 9 5 6 7.0 See Neil's comments
Graeme 7 6 6 9 7 9 7 5 7.3 See Graeme's comments
Jeff 9 7 7 7 7 9 7 5 7.4 See Jeff's comments
Richard 7 7 8 9 8 8 9 6 6 7.8 See Richard's comments
Mark 7 3 5 7 8 7 4 3 5.7 See Mark's comments
John 5 6 6 2 6 5 6 6 3 5.0 See John's comments
Dave 6 7 7 6 7 7 8 7 4 6.7 See Dave's comments
Tim 7 6 7 9 7 7 6 7 4 6.7 See Tim's comments
Brian 7 7 7 9 8 7 9 7 8 7.9 See Brian's comments
Robin 5 6 8 8 7 6 6 7 4 6.4 See Robin's comments

All Comments

Jon - Another good evening with a good turnout.  While we had been promised a brand new restaurant, it was soon established that we had been there before, albeit under a different name.  Nonetheless, both current CC and previous CC seemed to have completely forgotten it!  The food was generally good but not good enough to justify the very high cost.  The tandoori starter was very nicely done and the lamb shank main was good, but not a patch on the Mehek (RIP).  Not sure if he started after I'd left, but it was nice to get through a curry night without Griff singing!

Neil - A couple of curry nights ago we paid £10, this month we paid £42. Well you get what you pay for and it was probably four times as good. Mixed starter was almost a meal in itself and the main (Rogan Gosh) was fantastic in size and quality. Only downside was the rather small sides and that it took a while for the courses to arrive. I'd go back and maybe if we stop ordering too much the vfm score might look better, it'll never happen!

Graeme - Top nosh, but with top dollar prices. The food was largely excellent but it was just too expensive. I had remembered to bring my reading glasses case but was disappointed to discover it was empty, so I had to rely on my 'neighbours' to help me order. I didn't tax them too much. Wanty said "I'm having the Tandoori Mixed plater" so I decided to start with that. Rats said "I'm having the Garlic Chilli Chicken" so I decided to have that for my main. Both proved to be excellent choices. Despite booking, we seemed to catch them by surprise and were parked in the downstairs overflow room which was a bit small but not unpleasant. Our main waiter was efficient, friendly and funny - I would have marked the service as 9 for quality but we had quite a long wait for our starters to arrive so I took off a couple of marks. It was a very enjoyable evening with easy travelling from KX to the nearby City Thameslink station.

Jeff - I Cc'd this one, thinking it a new place to the club, but we (and I!) had been before, back in 2009. Anyway the lack of any Top Table or tout discount did not deter those who were minded to, from ordering some or all of £8 starters, £15 mains, special rice, tons of veg, 2 bottles of beer, and then moaning about the price. With no rewards to anyone for ordering sensibly, why should they? That out of the way, I thought the food was of excellent quality (e.g my lamb balti), and the main course, vegetables, and rice came in large portions, compared in particular to the Shampan. The waiters were engaging, and there was a good choice of 3 bottled beers. Altogether I'd be very happy to return.

Richard - Indian City provided a top notch experience - although the cost was rather high. The mixed platter starter was really good and generously sized: I especially enjoyed the paneer tikka. The chicken bhuna was great, and the accompanying nan, rice and veg was good too. Very good service and nice ambience but somewhat let down by slow delivery of the first course.

Mark - £42 for 1 pop, Lamb tikka, Chicken Biryani & one not so cold beer is very steep so I hope others enjoyed their 50 quid + worth of fare. With a cramped corner seat in the dimly lit downstairs facing the loo's I did not think a lot of the ambience (this comes of having such a large group and one of the reasons I would vote against any additional members). Service was very slow for starters (another reason) and I was getting visions of last Feb but the overall turnaround was quick in the end and very friendly. My Cobra should have been cold, perhaps should have tried the Chang. Food itself was good with nice tender starter and flavoursome main. Veg dishes were either small or some people are very generous to themselves! Brexit, Trump, Clinton, Cameron, Corbyn, Boris? What happened to discussion on sport & women? Good evening but well overpriced.

John - Average and expensive. Very poor king prawn puri (about three prawns and a stodgy pancake) to start with, followed by a slightly better chicken dopiaza.

Dave - Enjoyable evening and good Curry – but probably not worth the £42 price tag.

Tim - This is a smart restaurant with stylish decor, white tablecloths, slightly weird cutlery and a few rather naff pictures. It was nice to see a different beer on offer - Chang - although it doesn't taste very different from the Kingfisher, and all the beer was rather more expensive than usual. Starter of mixed tandoori platter was very good - succulent and tasty meat and fish. Main course of Chicken Joypuri was pleasant, but a little too sweet for me. All of the accompaniments were fine, though nothing stood out. It was nice to finish with a complimentary round of amarettos, before the shock of seeing the bill, which was somewhat higher than usual. Overall, this is a more upmarket establishment than we normally visit, and while the ambience is pleasant, and I have no complaints about the meal, I'm not sure the food justifies the price.

Brian - Lamb chops starter was very good, better meat than I've had previously, and enough of it too.  Maas tomato zol (monkfish) was very good as well.  Sides were all of acceptable quality.  All in all, a good restaurant and an enjoyable meal.  It is with a very heavy heart indeed that I say it's best to avoid the Rising Sun.  One of my favourite old haunts is now just too f*cking trendy, and therefore full of t*ssers with beards who apparently enjoy paying over the odds for their beer (please note, not all people with beards are t*ssers, but it's almost always true that t*ssers have beards).

Robin - We waited almost an hour before our starters arrived, so not great service. I had green chicken tikka to start, which was excellent - and very green! My main of King prawn pathia was strange; very sweet but otherwise not bad. Could have done with a couple more prawns though. Veg dishes were good, but again a bit sweet. But at £42 per head VFM was below average.

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