About The Club

The GRD Curry Club (as it was then known) was formed in January 2000. It started as a bit of fun but soon became a mission - a mission to visit and rate every curry house within walking distance of the Dirty Dicks pub on Bishopsgate (London), although later the meeting place changed to the King's Stores. With Brick Lane in range there was plenty of 'material'. In January 2002, the scope was broadened to allow the meeting point to be any pub within the official City of London limits and we would then walk to a curry house from there. In January 2008, the area was extended again to allow the meeting point to be any pub within the original Congestion Charge zone.

Originally, membership of the Club was restricted to those who worked, or had worked, on the GRD project at a prestigious City institution (plus Jon who was voted in as an honorary member in recognition of his long-standing association with the group). However, January 2004 saw some significant changes to the constitution of the Club: the requirement to have worked on the GRD project was removed and a new system of proposing and voting in new members was adopted ... and the name was changed to The CurryMarks Club.

We meet every last Thursday in the month, except in December when we go out on the Thursday preceeding the week in which Christmas Day falls. (This new December rule came into effect in 2012. Prior to that, we would re-arrange the December outing for early January if the original date was deemed to be too close to Christmas. What a vague rule - that's why it had to change!).

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