Name: Standard Balti House
Area: Brick Lane
Address: 71 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
Phone: 020 7247 5855

Visits to this restaurant ...

1. 28 Jun 2001|2. 25 Jul 2002|3. 30 Jan 2003|4. 31 Aug 2017

Yum, yum!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 29 (visit 2 of 4 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 25 Jul 2002
Cost per head: £21.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 5.6 7.4 6.0 7.2 6.0 6.6 6.6 5.8 7.0 6.51
Jon 7 8 6 9 7 7 8 6 7 7.4 See Jon's comments
John 4 6 5 4 5 5 6 4 7 5.1 See John's comments
Robin 7 7 7 9 7 9 8 7 7 7.7 See Robin's comments
Mark 6 7 7 6 5 6 4 7 5.8 See Mark's comments
Richard 4 9 5 8 6 6 7 6 7 6.6 See Richard's comments

All Comments

Jon - Everything a curry house should be, apart from the neon lights outside. Food was very good - my first experience of a Vindaloo was well worth it and the Shami Kebab starter was first class. The only downer was the small, although tasty, veg dishes. The free beer that the tout offered to "persuade" us to go into the already-chosen restaurant helped on the VFM score, but the beer itself was uninspiring. I'm sure Graeme will be particularly upset at having missed the Standard, but anyone who wasn't there missed a bloody good curry.

John - Not bad, but not exceptional. Starter was a bit bland (prawn purree) but the main course was quite tasty (Chicken tikka massala). Veg was average and service was slow, but the restaurant was packed, and pretty lively. I'm glad I opted for a mild dish instead of the "ring stingers" ordered by some of the other boys! There was plenty of sweating, huffing and puffing, and quick slurps of beer going on to help put out the fires.

Robin - Very good meal, not quite up to the standard of the previous visit. Superb reshmi kebab (which wasn't on the menu) followed by a nice spicy balti chicken jalfrezi. Superb special rice but the mushroom dish was merely quite good. The beer was above average, the first of which was free which seems to have kept the price down somewhat.

Mark - Having negotiated our intended free pint of Kingfisher we were quite happy to return to the Standard with only 1 change to the original line up. My chicken kebab starter was OK but not wonderful while the Lamb tikka Jalfrazee was excellent apart from the fact that most of the dish was onions instead of meat. Jon has been appointed Curry Tour organiser although suggesting that it could include a WBA game is not the way to gain support. In Neil's abscence we were allowed to sit with the other guests.

Richard - Main dish (lamb balti something) was very tasty and the lamb the most tender I have had in an Indian dish, with lots of fresh coriander and tomatoey sauce. Minus chillis, the dish may have been a 9, but was burned down to a 7, as it carried an unexpected vindaloo-power, requiring much lager dousing. The theory was I was given the wrong dish. Service was slow, but ambience was excellent. We were seated in a prime spot. Wrats was excited to spot Griff's doppleganger, otherwise no noteworthy discourse (no footie/Kylie chat).

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