Name: Little India
Area: Bloomsbury
Address: 137 Gray's Inn Road
London WC1X 8TU
Phone: 020 7831 1149

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1. 21 Dec 2017|2. 26 Jul 2018

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Curry's my angle,
See you there,
The man with no hair.
(A self-penned urban poem.)

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Visit Number: 212 (visit 1 of 2 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 21 Dec 2017
Cost per head: £35.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.1 7.0 7.0 7.3 7.0 6.8 7.15
Jon 7 8 7 9 8 8 7 8 7.8 See Jon's comments
John 8 7 9 9 8 7 8 8 8 8.0 See John's comments
Brian 8 7 7 8 7 7 8 7 8 7.5 See Brian's comments
Neil 6 7 6 2 5 6 7 6 6 5.6 See Neil's comments
Richard 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 8.1 See Richard's comments
Dave 7 7 8 9 9 7 8 7 7 7.8 See Dave's comments
Graeme 7 6 7 7 6 6 6 5 6.3 See Graeme's comments
Mark 6 8 7 6 5 8 6 6 6.4 See Mark's comments
Dominic 7 7 8 6 7 6 7 7 6 6.8 See Dominic's comments

All Comments

Jon - We found that there is a Little India on Gray's Inn Road and it certainly delivered in the culinary stakes.  Small but well formed, it was another good find from Dom with good service, a lively pre-Christmas atmosphere (albeit largely delivered by our group) and some pretty good food.  I went for an off-menu reshmi kebab which was very tasty and followed it up with a Tandoori Mixed Grill – a proper meat fest accompanied by succulent special rice and nice veg (although I would've liked a little more sag aloo).  The group was in festive mood and it was a great night as usual.

John - I enjoyed the meal at Little India. Played it safe with a king prawn puree and chicken tikka jalfrezi – both excellent. Good veg and a nice selection of beers. A good curry to sign off 2017 – well done Dom!

Brian - A bit out of our comfort zone in terms of location, but nevertheless an enjoyable evening.  The Lamb Tikka starter was very good, as was the Roopchanda Biran (it's a flat fish). Veggies, rice and chapatti were all good, and the draft Cobra was passable. I'd be happy to go back.

Neil - Good to see everyone out and observing the 'Dignum' rule! A good meeting pub (The Blue Lion) as not too busy for Christmas and next to the venue.  Curry house was a mixed bag. Strangely excellent poppadoms, a lot like thick crisps but very nice indeed, followed by (the starter) 'Indian fried cheese', that was burnt to a cinder! Main was average but plentiful. I'd go back at Christmas as it was so easy but maybe not any other time of the year.

Richard - A fine Christmas curry with good company and no carnage or casualties except for Tim. There was not even a WhatsApp storm about when to go to the restaurant or the Dignum rule or calls for an AGM. A fine West End Indian restaurant is tough to find but Dom has done well with Little India (he boasts 3 of his finds in the top six he told me proudly). Starter of tandoori lamb and main of chicken balti with the usual sides/pops/rice was all very well done. Slightly more expensive than average but fine given the location. We had a warm welcome with very friendly and attentive service - even a free Little India pen and liqueur for the stragglers! Did they know they had critics in the house?

Dave - Enjoyable Christmas outing to Little India - prawn puri was very good and my "plain curry - chicken" was also good - nan bread hot and crisp although bit sneaky of them to not tell us we had some nans included with other dishes ordered. Overall I think this deserves a revisit.

Graeme - Another 'find' by Dom in the Kings Cross / Bloomsbury area. This time I would say that, overall, the meal was good but unremarkable. I enjoyed my Fish Tikka starter and my main of Chicken Dupiaza was OK. Nothing to get particularly excited about though and it was quite pricey too. I did give an extra mark for beer as there was bottled Cobra & Kingfisher plus draft Cobra. I did like the Blue Lion pub where we met (next door but one) - it was a bit trendy without being poncey - quite civilised.

Mark - A nice pub to start, out of the city Xmas crush and a short walk to Little India. Samosa starters were standard although a bit dry without the sauce from pops. Main of Lamb Saag had no real highlights for me although the rice was good. Glad to try a new beer from Goa this time. Fun and festive evening with a joyful chorus of Happy Birthday to finish for Brian & Graeme. Good find Dom, although you could have used the online booking discount, and I'd happily return. Merry Christmas and long live the Dignum rule!

Dominic - I've been to this place off-piste twice before (once with 2 other CurryMarks members) so thought it might be worth a suggestion for the entire club. And given there is a good boozer almost next door it was a good start. The place is small but lively given all the decorations for the festive season and the service quite good throughout the meal. My starter of the lamb chops was just ok and my main of Garlic Chilli Lamb (off-menu) was I think tasty ... I say I think as after a severe case of the flu I believe my taste buds had packed it in!! Good to get all the veg once again! The wine was decently priced and a free round of liqueurs was welcome. A reasonable VFM without anything extraordinary. Lots of Christmas banter including someone admitting having Christmas lights in their bush ... shocking!!! PS. An enjoyable "old fashioned" stroll back to Kings X capped the evening ...

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