Name: The Nazrul
Area: Brick Lane
Address: 130 Brick Lane
London E1 6RU
Phone: 020 7247 2505

Visits to this restaurant ...

1. 27 Feb 2014|2. 23 Feb 2017

3 restaurants? No, 1 restaurant.
Aladin = Nazrul = Jasmine.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 202 (visit 2 of 2 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 23 Feb 2017
Cost per head: £25.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 5.3 6.3 6.3 6.8 6.7 7.0 6.6 8.3 6.67
Jon 7 8 5 6 7 6 7 8 6.6 See Jon's comments
Alex 6 6 9 7 8 7 9 7.6 See Alex's comments
Dominic 4 5 6 7 6 8 6 9 6.5 See Dominic's comments
Mark 4 7 7 6 6 7 7 6.3 See Mark's comments
Dave 6 6 5 7 6 6 6 7 6.1 See Dave's comments
Neil 4 7 6 7 8 8 7 8 6.9 See Neil's comments
Tim 6 5 6 7 7 7 6 10 6.7 See Tim's comments

All Comments

Jon - I thought the experience was somewhat familiar as back in 2014 when we intended to visit the Aladdin we ended up in the Nazrul – this time, we booked a table at the Jasmine and ended up in the Nazrul.  These three restaurants claim to be one and the same, and perhaps they are run by the same people, but it is somewhat disappointing not to be seated in the restaurant you booked ... twice.  Anyway, the food was solid if unspectacular, although the portion sizes were certainly generous.  The Tandoori King Prawn Puri was not quite as special as the menu price would lead you to believe, but the Garlic Chilli Chicken Masala main course was tasty but was maybe a tad long on onions and a tad short on chicken.  The veg dishes were good, as were the rice and nan, and with the 50% discount from Taste Card, it was certainly good value.  Good luck to the (absent) webmaster in deciding where to record this one!

Alex - It wasn't looking good at the beginning. Confusion over booking. Confusion over booze. But after that the food was surprisingly nice. Starter was nicely zingier than usual. Main had a just-right level of hot for a larger dish. Nan was blander though. Not a bad choice at all.

Dominic - After a few drinks in a rather packed Kings Stores we headed back to the "hallow ground" that is Brick Lane although by the looks of things this bastion is slowly being gentrified! As I had passed the eatery earlier in the day and mentioned we were coming that evening, I was somewhat surprised that not only were there no tables available in the place but when we were shunted next door to the "affiliated" eatery they had to make up a table as well. That, together with slow service throughout the evening and a somewhat squashed table, meant a poor mark from yours truly in both categories. But now to the food: I started with an intriguing Garlic King Prawn Puri which unfortunately didn't live up to its billing. As for my main of the Garlic Chilli Tandoori Lamb this is where it gets confusing - as a garlic chilli dish it was not even close ... however, it was nevertheless a really tasty and flavoursome dish and generous in portion (hence my score). Indeed all the dishes were generous. And being a BYO place with an off licence next door made for a very affordable evening and great VFM, aided and abetted once more by El Prez's Taste Card discount. A good night of banter coupled with a rather restricted Griff ... had he overdone it performing at the Brit Awards the night before? Mind you, in the cold light of day I sensed something was missing ... but can't think what ... (or who!).

Mark - Wind gusted so strong it blew Graeme back home, Jeff didn't leave the house and we ended up in the wrong restaurant, Nazrul instead of Jasmine, which is the 2nd time we have been to this place on the bounce. Seems to cater for the younger groups who then accept the mixed selection of dishes pushed by the waiter. Not for Currymarks who went our own way as usual. Had a very green starter to follow my bright pop/pizza, both of which were reasonable although no spicy sauces (don't want to upset the punters with anything that actually tastes too hot). Lamb Sag main was acceptable but seemed to be more sliced meat rather than normal chunks while the rice was good and plentiful as were the veg leading to 3 boxes worth for Tiny Tim Cratchit to take home for the poor kids. Cost was under £20 due to TasteCard until we included the wine which raised it by 25%. Overall an enjoyable evening with some good banter even if I did not get home until late due to Doris when I was hoping for a date with dead Di á la Café Bangla 2001.

Dave - Not that impressed with the Jasmine/Nazrul branch of Alladin. I objected to being directed away from my Griff Set Menu towards the expensive dishes "because we were on taste card".  Prawn Puri was disappointing and Chicken curry average. Will not be rushing  back.

Neil - From my understanding this was a different Curry House than planned as we were shuffled next door and told 'it is just the same'! I guess exactly the same kitchen and staff but I've lowered the Service mark for the cheek of it all. Also a shame we missed out on the Princess Di picture which still hangs 15 years after our last visit. The 'new' curry house was perfectly fine and Chicken Biryani very nice indeed, also bring-your-own beer perfectly acceptable from my point-of-view.  I'd certainly go back to one of these, whichever we decide we're marking!

Tim - This is a no-frills Brick Lane restaurant: compact table layout, though with plenty of elbow room, pleasant decor with some slightly amateurish artwork, basic tables with no tablecloths, ancient hot air dryer in the toilet that puts out a gentle waft of warm air. I had the starter of tandoori king prawn; the filling was OK, but the wrapping was a strange mix of chewy and crispy. The main of lamb achari tikka had a tasty, if somewhat salty, sauce, and a good quantity of meat, although some of it was a bit tough. The niramish, a vegetable dish that was meant to include potato and aubergine instead seemed to be potato and Bird's Eye mixed veg; not actually unpleasant, but not what I was expecting. Overall though, despite some relatively minor issues with the food, I'm giving a maximum VFM, as the bring your own bottle policy, coupled with Mark's discount, meant the cheapest meal I can remember, and there was even enough food left over to relive the experience at the weekend.

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