Name: Jamdani
Area: Monument
Address: 1 St. Mary At Hill
London EC3R 8EE
Phone: 020 7621 0002

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1. 26 Jun 2014

I'm pleased that Alex chose to wear his smart sandals for our evening out.

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Visit Number: 171 (visit 1 of 1 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 26 Jun 2014
Cost per head: £33.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.1 6.0 6.8 6.1 7.4 6.8 6.8 6.7 5.3 6.54
Mark 8 6 7 7 7 4 6 4 5.9 See Mark's comments
Robin 7 4 6 5 8 6 5 7 4 5.7 See Robin's comments
Brian 7 7 7 8 7 7 9 7 7 7.5 See Brian's comments
Dave 7 5 7 5 9 7 6 7 6 6.4 See Dave's comments
Neil 6 6 6 4 6 8 7 6 4 5.9 See Neil's comments
Graeme 7 5 6 7 6 6 6 6 4 6.0 See Graeme's comments
Dominic 8 8 8 6 6 7 6 7 6.9 See Dominic's comments
Alex 8 8 7 8 7 9 8 7 7.9 See Alex's comments
Tim 6 5 7 5 9 7 8 7 5 6.6 See Tim's comments

All Comments

Mark - Jamdani was a new venue for us and while it was fairly smart and friendly it seems to be another city based place that probably concentrates mainly on lunchtime business lunches. There were very few other diners present which reduced the ambience even when the pan pipes kicked in. Chicken Chat starter was good with a generous portion of meat but my main of Chicken Sizzler was as bland as an England 0-0 bore draw. It arrived already served on the plate so did not sizzle and was very mild. Obviously this was my choice but I was dissappointed with the result. Dom displayed his negotiation skills to sort out digestif and we managed to eat most of the meal so no tuck box for Tim this time. Very enjoyable evening but I doubt we will be back in too much of a hurry, nothing special and very costly for what it was.

Robin - A pleasant enough restaurant, although almost completely empty. The food was pretty average (except for the Keema nan, which was rather good) but the prices weren't really commensurate, so a low VFM from me. I had King Prawn Puri to start, which came as a self-assembly kit - a bit messy with a quite pleasant sauce let down by fairly tasteless prawns. My main dish was Beef Rezzala, which tasted like a portion of beef casserole with a bit of curry powder chucked in. If we ever return I'll be trying different dishes.

Brian - An enjoyable evening, although unfortunately it seems the decision not to have an AGM any more means that we have ad hoc General Meetings at any time Dom decides. This is not in keeping with the spirit of the motion passed at the last (ever!) AGM. Returning to the restaurant itself, my Prawn Puri starter had a good number of reasonably sized prawns, and I was impressed with the Chilli Fish Grill main - Salmon and various herbs/spices, with a bit of kick but not enough to obliterate the salmon. Pillau rice was good, as was the chapati and the veg dishes. Service was OK, although not swift, and at times I found it difficult to converse with the waiter, especially when trying to order a yoghurt lassi (cue the abuse for avoiding excessive alcohol consumption!).

Dave - Average performance from the Jamdani. Negative points: Poor ambience, dry samosa as part of mixed starter. Positive points: Nan bread, free baileys at end. Wouldn't be in a rush to return.

Neil - Met in the Walrus and Carpenter, a very nice pub near Monument, drinks pretty pricey though and the whip quickly went up to £15, which looks to be the new norm. £10 bought almost four drinks when we first started! Curry house was downstairs in the basement. All clean and tidy but a strong smell of paraffin when we first sat down. Not sure of the reason why but it soon went. Service was relaxed although worryingly, it was noticeable that the waiter (who wasn't, as we thought, South American) wanted to get our starter ordered quickly before we got to the main course due to kitchen capacity. It might have been a long wait if the restaurant was even half full, I fear. Food was average, nothing to complain about but nothing outstanding apart from the rather good special rice(!). This made the bill look a bit steep when it came. I suspect we were hit by the tourist premium by venturing close to the river.

Graeme - My first impressions of this place were good - it was smart outside and inside and had an uncomplicated menu. Unfortunately, the reality was more mundane. There were very few other punters there making it a bit dull, the food was generally average and it was too expensive for the overall quality. Most disappointing was my Garlic Chilli Chicken main (a favourite dish of mine) - it was pleasant but just like one of Griff's plain chicken curries. We met for drinks in the fantastically named "The Walrus and the Carpenter" and managed to find a quiet pocket of space away from the crowd of DJ-clad blokes and posh totty who had virtually taken over the place.

Dominic - After a bit of World Cup viewing at an expectedly packed pub we made our way to the Jamdani, a modern curry house with nicely spaced tables which I personally enjoy although not very crowded when we arrived. My starter of the Lamb Chops was nicely presented and tasty but the cut of meat let the dish down. My main, however, of the Garlic Chilli Chicken was much better and plentiful. The sides and rice were all fine without being extraordinary but the wine was quite good with a decent selection and reasonably priced. The service was quite good all evening and a free round of drinks after a first request was also a nice touch. Great banter as always and good to see Brian leading the Suzi stories back in the pub although I'm not sure Robin's gesture of sharing his "better half" will quite be appreciated by the missus … but at least the restaurant manager was amused!!

Alex - Starter was a bit bland but main was really good. Hot but just about not-too-hot.

Tim - The restaurant was fairly empty, but despite this, they still sat one person awkwardly on the end of the table, instead of adding another table on the end. They took the order for the starters first to give to the kitchen - a sensible move, but it still took quite a while for the starters to appear (at least half an hour). Condiments were served in rather cheap-looking plastic cups, but the spicy poppadoms were good. Starter of chicken cashew looked and tasted more like something I'd expect to find in a Chinese restaurant; the chicken was a bit chewy, and it was covered in something like a soy sauce glaze. The accompanying salad was very dry - could have done with dressing of some kind. Main of beef Jamdani (unusual to see beef) was better - tasty sauce and good meat, though the portion wasn't the largest. Peshwari nan was also good - it had a nice balance between sweet and salt flavours. Overall it was quite expensive, e.g. veg dishes were around £5 and not particularly large; there was very little food left over at the end. The wine was pleasant, and the free round of liqueurs after the meal, courtesy of Dom, was most welcome. Overall though, I felt the meal was quite expensive.

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