Name: Bengal Tiger
Area: Blackfriars
Address: 62-66 Carter Lane
London EC4V 5EA
Phone: 020 7248 6361

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1. 28 Feb 2002|2. 25 Sep 2003|3. 25 Oct 2007|4. 25 Sep 2008|5. 24 Sep 2009
6. 19 Dec 2013|7. 18 Dec 2014|8. 29 Jun 2018

The 'Fingers' are captured on camera for the first time. One day, people will be taking degrees in this new language.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 165 (visit 6 of 8 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 19 Dec 2013
Cost per head: £39.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.4 7.9 7.6 7.9 6.8 6.3 8.3 6.7 5.0 7.23
John 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 4 7.9 See John's comments
Mark 9 7 8 6 5 7 6 4 6.5 See Mark's comments
Jon 7 8 7 8 7 7 9 8 6 7.6 See Jon's comments
Richard 4 7 6 9 5 7 10 8 5 7.2 See Richard's comments
Graeme 8 8 6 9 7 6 8 7 7 7.5 See Graeme's comments
Neil 8 8 9 10 7 7 8 6 5 7.7 See Neil's comments
Dominic 7 8 8 5 4 8 4 4 6.2 See Dominic's comments

All Comments

John - Fast service, lively atmosphere, good food (king prawn puree + chicken dopiza), good company, Merry Christmas!

Mark - Do you remember that day in December? Good pub to start although over £4 per pint then a quick dash to the restaurant where Neil joined us and announced his forthcoming nuptials. Once we had pulled our crackers we were served very quickly with some even more expensive beers. Orders taken quickly and pops soon arrived with 4 chutneys. Starter followed soon after and my Lamb tikka was tasty even if it looked like a poodle's mess. Main of Chicken Jaipur arrived in a massive yellow pepper and had lots of good chicken strips in a light sauce. Only 1 chilli on the menu so I should have expected it not to be too hot but might have liked more kick. A very enjoyable evening with good service and food but high cost. Great to see Santa look-a-like Dom back in the fold and hear how many wonderful songs Slade had apart from a Christmas hit - we were certainly In for a Penny and in for many Pounds as the bill was very high.

Jon - I've always liked the Bengal Tiger – I missed the last visit during which a Wratten Rant seems to have contributed to a very low mark, and I was pleased when Mark suggested it for this month.  The food has always been good, but it is a little on the pricey side.  No change there as a £42 [£39 actually - Ed] price tag puts it in "Mehek territory" and it doesn't match up in terms of quality.  I had a tandoori mixed started which was very nice and an excellent lamb dansak for my main course – nice and spicy, a lovely thick sauce and tender lamb.  Service was speedy despite it being a very busy night (perhaps thanks to our reduced numbers), but I wouldn't necessarily call the waiters particularly friendly or attentive.  Great to see Dom join us after a few months' absence contributing to a great night as per usual.

Richard - A mixed performance for the 'Tiger. Service was brusque to the point of rude, and the price was expensive. Having said that, the mixed tandoori starter was excellent, with a sizeable selection of meats plus salmon, and my main of lamb balti was also very good indeed.

Graeme - For me, this was a welcome return to the Bengal Tiger after a few years away. It is a smart & lively place, possibly a little over-priced but the quality is excellent. I had Green Chicken Tikka to start which was lovely(!) and my main of Chicken Jalfrezi was very tasty. Given that this was the pre-Xmas week and the place was rammed, I thought the service was very good (although not over-friendly). The price reflects the local area which has become quite trendy with lots of expensive-looking bars and restaurants. We started in the Rising Sun which is an old-fashioned pub - it was busy but not too crowded. As is often the case on these near-Xmas curry nights, the reduced attendance leads to good conversation with everybody being able to join in. Come on, feel the noise!

Neil - Not much to complain about, the only issues were a slight delay for the bill, smallish side order portions and high end of the price scale. Other than that all was great, high quality food, quick service and a choice of four beers! The poppadoms were a real highlight, thick, crispy and fresh with great sauces. The sheesh kebab was large and very tasty, hence my maximum starter mark. The icing on the cake was a luxury Christmas cracker for each of us and, of course, the reappearance of Mr Dom!

Dominic - I've always liked this eatery but have to admit being a bit disappointed with the food this time out. A full house a week before Xmas meant there was a good atmosphere and quite good service despite the crowd. However, my starter of the Tandoori Lamb Chops was not the best cut of meat I've ever had but my main of the Duck Jalfrezi was very good indeed with just the right bit of kick. The sides unfortunately didn't fill me with joy although the wine was good and reasonably priced. A free round of liqueurs upon request was also a nice touch. Great banter as always and we learnt that Diggers had proposed ... or vice versa ... it was a bit unclear! But congrats all the same.

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