Name: Curry Leaf East
Area: Moorgate
Address: 20 City Road
London EC1Y 2AJ
Phone: 020 7374 4842

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1. 24 Feb 2005|2. 28 Sep 2006|3. 26 Jul 2007|4. 27 Nov 2008|5. 28 May 2009
6. 28 Jan 2010|7. 30 May 2013|8. 26 May 2016|9. 27 Jul 2017

We haven't seen "Gloria" for a while.
Griff may have lost weight but he still has big hair.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 158 (visit 7 of 9 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 30 May 2013
Cost per head: £36.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.1 7.1 6.6 6.4 7.7 6.6 7.6 7.2 6.0 6.93
Jeff 9 6 6 6 9 6 7 6 6 6.8 See Jeff's comments
Alex 8 8 7 9 8 8 8 7 7.9 See Alex's comments
Dominic 7 8 9 6 5 8 6 7 7.1 See Dominic's comments
Robin 7 8 6 6 8 8 10 9 7 7.8 See Robin's comments
Mark 6 8 5 4 7 4 8 4 5.5 See Mark's comments
Graeme 8 7 6 7 8 6 9 7 7 7.4 See Graeme's comments
Dave 6 6 5 6 6 7 6 4 5.8 See Dave's comments
Tim 7 7 7 8 7 7 8 8 6 7.3 See Tim's comments
Neil 6 6 7 7 8 7 7 6 6.8 See Neil's comments

All Comments

Jeff - I still quite like this place. The food was of above average quality, although some of the descriptions in the menu were a bit fanciful.  For instance, my main of 'Queen prawns wrapped in spring onions' came up as prawns in a thickish sauce with some fresh spring onions sprinkled on top.  Perhaps the rice portion was a little small, but the very good nan bread made up for it. At £36 a head, it's a tad expensive, and they're not spending it on the decor - its unchanged since the place was opened 8 or 9 years ago.  Service was excellent, the waiters accurately noting to whom to deliver each dish, and they delivered free drinks at the end on request.

Alex - Rather good again, starter was particularly delicious. Fairly robust portions.

Dominic - I quite like this venue given its modern setting and it was good to be on a comfortable table downstairs rather than the two joined round tables upstairs for our last visit. The staff are attentive without being too intrusive which made for an enjoyable experience. My starter of the Curry Leaf Special (in essence a mixed starter) was not too bad although the chicken and salmon pieces were a little dry - thankfully the popadom condiments were left on the table ... surely it would be a good idea for all eateries to follow suit. My main of the Stuffed Chicken Masala was very good with a tasty and generous sauce although I deducted a point as the chicken was once again a tad dry. The rest was OK without being notable but special mention should be made of the wine list which had a good selection and was very well priced. A quickly accepted free round of drinks when asked was also a nice touch. Another fun evening with good food and flowing conversation. And it seems the mantle of "girly-non-beer-drinking-member" has been well and truly passed to Griff who was resplendent with his pint of "PJ"!!!

Robin - Finally we weren't seated in the basement or the mezzanine, but in the main restaurant - definitely better ambience! I had the King Prawn Special to start, which sadly only featured 2 king prawns but they were really nice. I knocked off a couple of marks because they'd left the flipping tails on despite them being coated in sauce - messy but very tasty. My main source of Lamb Rogan Josh was quite delicious; beautifully tender meat (and lots of it) in a fantastic aromatic and slightly spicy sauce. The special rice was pretty good, and the veg dishes were excellent. I also had one of the best keema nans (not on the menu) I''ve tasted for some considerable time. A little pricey at £36 per head, but I'm keen to go back next year - if not before!

Mark - Seemed very expensive at £36 as I know my meal cost about £25 but with a total amount of meat worth about 3 quid. Starter of Lamb had a 2 Chilli warning but was not that hot and although tasty was not very large. Main of chicken Byriani was excellent in terms of taste and would have got a 9 or 10 if there had been more than a chicken drumsticks worth of meat in with the rice. Service was OK except they could not seem to always remember who had ordered what but good to offer a digestif. Don't think they should have placed my serving dish on my plate - just not right so point deducted. Pre-meal drink in the Red Lion (note to RG - RTFE-M) was good but short pints when so expensive is just a joke. V. disappointed not to see Mr & Mrs Tighe out to celebrate their Anniversary. What will Griff drink next time?

Graeme - The C.L.E. is a smart classy restaurant which we have been to quite a few times now. For some reason I never get particularly excited about going there (maybe it's a bit sterile) but it really is a quality place. The food was very good and the service very quick and efficient. I revisited my starter and main course choices from a previous visit: Ajwani Salmon and Chicken Jalfrezi. I enjoyed them both but the Salmon lacked a little 'kick' while the Jalfrezi was excellent. The sundries were all good, especially my Peshwari Nan. And, as Diggers informed us beforehand, the portions were big. Ooh, er, missus!

Dave - Not that impressed with Curry Leaf East – as there was no spicy whitebait starter anymore I tried the Salmon starter.  This was dry, bland and miniscule in size.  Chicken Shaslik main was OK but all in all the price tag and overall experience would not warrant a return in my opinion.

Tim - Curry Leaf East has always been a smart restaurant, and as we were seated in the main part of the restaurant (as opposed to the basement or the mezzanine), there was a chance to appreciate it. As usual here, there were only three accompaniments with the poppadoms (no lime pickle). The food was good; I had starter of lamb sula and main of chicken nilgiri korma - unusual to see a korma with a chilli rating. Also unusual were some of the vegetable dishes, including khumb makai masala, the description being: "Button mushroom cooked with baby corn and flavoured with leafy fenugreek" - I'm not completely convinced that was what was passed down the table, though it's possible that by this point in the evening I was getting a little confused. Service was pretty good - they made the effort to deliver dishes to the correct part of the table, always helpful when there is a large table. Finally thanks to Dom for the Rioja (IIRC) and Malbec, and negotiating the free round of drinks at the end.

Neil - I had only been to Curry Leaf East a few weeks before so knew the portions would be big, hence no Nan this time. Service was acceptable if not super quick and there were enough people eating to make the ambience score respectable even though the restaurant was quite gloomy. Don't go on a quiet night! Special rice was very good although more Chinese than Indian, I also enjoyed the Lamb Rogan and as mentioned before there was a lot of it. Quite pricey given that there were no standout dishes but would be happy to go back as you don't have to order much. The pub next door, The Master Gunner, is also very good if you don't want to walk very far. We weren't allowed to go there for some reason.

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