Name: Lahore Kebab House
Area: Whitechapel
Address: 2-10 Umberston Street
London E1 1PY
Phone: 020 7481 9737

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1. 30 Dec 2010|2. 29 Sep 2011|3. 27 Sep 2012

Jon turns the popadoms to dust (in just one blow - as Mark's finger indicates).

Visit Report

Visit Number: 129 (visit 1 of 3 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 30 Dec 2010
Cost per head: £22.50 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 6.7 7.5 9.5 6.2 6.5 7.8 4.8 8.5 7.38
Jon 7 7 8 8 7 9 4 9 7.6 See Jon's comments
Mark 6 7 9 4 8 6 4 8 6.6 See Mark's comments
Dave 7 9 10 9 7 8 7 9 8.3 See Dave's comments
Graeme 8 7 10 6 7 8 3 8 7.4 See Graeme's comments
Richard 5 8 10 4 4 8 4 8 6.7 See Richard's comments
Neil 7 7 10 6 6 8 7 9 7.7 See Neil's comments

All Comments

Jon - The Lahore doesn't have the most extensive menu in the world, but the food was all very good indeed, with the exception of the sag aloo dish which was all sag and hardly any aloo.  The mixed starter was very good and the main dish was tasty with the right level of heat.  The popadoms were much better after I broke them into small pieces, although not everyone agreed.

Mark - The Lahore has been on our 'to do' list for many years now and we finally ventured out far enough to visit it officially. Some excellent pints of Doom Bar helped us on the way and we got there early enough to be seated almost immediately. Overall the service was very quick but would have been better in English and withou them trying to push the bottled water - surely they noticed our 10 bottles of BYOB? Starter was an excellent mix of Lamb chops, lamb & chicken tikka & bhaji. Sauces with the Pops were not great and Google Boy becoming the Karate Kid did not improve them either. Main meal of Chicken Biryani was tasty but lacked much meat or sauce - others seemed to fair better. Neil's cup-a-soup bread was not something I would ever order myself! Overall an enjoyable experience, great for meat eaters, cheap but not sure I would want to go on too regular a basis.

Dave - I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Lahore. The mixed starter was superb and fully deserved a 10.  The breads, whilst not like a traditional nan, were also excellent, in fact nothing to find fault with in any of the food served.  Restaurant was very busy which created a good ambience. Overall an excellent curry to round off 2010 and hope to be back there in 2011.

Graeme - If you like meat, meat and more meat then this is the place for you! We asked for a selection of starters (as selected by the restaurant) and were served with spicy lamb chops (2 each), large lamb sauasages, chicken tikka and lamb tikka - excellent! Lahore is a back-to-basics restaurant with no frills but plenty of customers. The service was good although our waiter didn't speak very good English and was reluctant to take away the bottles of water that were delivered un-ordered to our table. Our one veg dish, a main course size Sag Aloo, had hardly any potato and was very metallic tasting (which sometimes happens with spinach). My main of Karahi Chicken was good but not quite as spicy as I expected. All-in-all, a good experience at a cheap price (although we did have to take our own beer). Jon managed to break the popadoms into a record number of pieces with a heavy-handed blow - the result looked like a bowl of cornflakes.

Richard - I haven't visited the legendary Lahore for a decade. The mixed starter was exceptional, with a tasty meat selection including a sizeable plate of delicious lamb chops, although I am glad that Griff also added the delicious shredded-style onion bhaji. The menu was rather limited, which is fine except it was not very varied and didn't have anything unusual that appealed to me, although the chicken Karahi was good. Rice, sag aloo and peshwari nan were surprisingly below average, and only plain poppadums were available. The place was buzzing and with a lively feel, but service was let down by a waiter struggling with English.

Neil - An exceptionally popular curry house, there was even a queue just after we got in. Maybe it was because the world famous Curry Marks crew were in attendance!  Even though we had to buy the beer from next door, avoid Taj Mahal by the way, it's a lot like water, this didn't cause too many problems and kept the price down. The mixed starter was excellent, very large and spicy, definitely top marks there. My main course of Chicken Byriani needed some more sauce but very good otherwise. Strange nan, more like a pitta bread cooked with a Knorr cup-a-soup, students will love it.  Liked the meeting boozer, very 'east end', guvnor.

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