Name: Curry Leaf East
Area: Moorgate
Address: 20 City Road
London EC1Y 2AJ
Phone: 020 7374 4842

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1. 24 Feb 2005|2. 28 Sep 2006|3. 26 Jul 2007|4. 27 Nov 2008|5. 28 May 2009
6. 28 Jan 2010|7. 30 May 2013|8. 26 May 2016|9. 27 Jul 2017

The wise old man takes the young debutant under his wing.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 118 (visit 6 of 9 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 28 Jan 2010
Cost per head: £34.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 6.4 6.3 6.4 6.3 7.1 7.4 8.2 7.0 4.8 6.79
Robin 7 6 7 8 8 8 7 7 0 6.6 See Robin's comments
Mark 5 7 7 6 7 8 4 4 6.2 See Mark's comments
Jeff 8 6 6 5 8 8 7 5 6.7 See Jeff's comments
John 6 8 6 3 5 6 8 7 4 6.0 See John's comments
Tim 5 6 5 8 5 7 8 8 5 6.6 See Tim's comments
Dave 6 9 7 10 9 8 9 9 7 8.4 See Dave's comments
Dominic 7 4 5 6 7 8 6 7 6.4 See Dominic's comments
Graeme 7 6 6 8 8 7 9 8 7 7.5 See Graeme's comments
James (Guest) 7 5 7 4 9 9 9 7 4 6.9 See James's comments

All Comments

Robin - The service was good, the meal was lovely, but boy did it fight back afterwards. Not much sleep that night and considerable discomfort the next day. I had the chicken tak-a-tak to start – again excellent – followed by a lamb jalfrezi (not on the menu) with succulent lamb chunks in a great sauce that had a bit of "bite". The veg dishes were all very good too, as was the special rice. However, the highly undesirable after effects impel me to award a zero VFM score. I’ll be in no hurry to go back, which is a huge shame since on previous visits I had no such problems.

Mark - Curry Leaf East is still a good place to go but at a price. Starting to look a but used in places but still delivering good food and a menu that allows a wider choice than usual. I had Mushrooms stuffed with mushroom to start whiich was OK but no great shakes but my two chilli Chcken Tandoori main was very good. Mushroom rice was drier than usual so did not really help with my main and the Veg dishes I had were small and overpriced particularly if you stick a great big tomato in to bulk out a very small bowl. Service very slow and overall came away dissappointed as experience did not match price. Anyone want to buy a jacket? Size XL, bit creased. Many thanks to Robin & Jeff for running and minuting the AGM.

Jeff - I've always liked this place but for me the cracks are beginning to show and I can't quite put my finger on why. Perhaps it's the still very limited range of beer, perhaps the over-small starter portion, perhaps it's being seated upstairs on the balcony on 2 circular tables pushed together. The food is still of a high quality, the rice especially being very good and the lamb tender. But with the whole experience not quite as good, the high price means it's losing on VFM.

John - Ouch - I didn't believe the two chillies symbol against the King Prawn Bhuna on the menu. How can a Bhuna be hot? Anyway, I've been doing a good impression of a flame-thrower today so I'll make a note to believe the symbols on the menu next time. Apart from that the dish was very tasty. The starter (some sort of sheek kebab) was a bit processed and a bit cold - hence the low mark. All over-priced too.

Tim - We were again seated upstairs, though it was a bit more lively than last time as there was a birthday party at the other tables on the mezzanine. We had two round tables pushed together, which is not an ideal layout, but at least there was plenty of room on the table for all the dishes (and bottles). The usual uninspired choice of beers was available, with Kingfisher overpriced at £5.50/bottle. Like last time, some of the spicy poppadoms arrived a bit burnt, and there were only 3 accompaniments (no lime pickle). Starter of chicken chatpatta was very tasty, and although a little spicy, didn't really warrant the two chilli rating on the menu. Main of lamb with spinach was also very good; nice tender lamb in a thick rich sauce. My rice was nothing special, but I tried some special rice which was very good. We had an interesting selection of vegetables, including Paneer Tikka Makhan Palak and Baigan Mirch Ka Salan which were also good. The service was mostly efficient, but there were a few problems with drinks orders arriving piecemeal, and a bit of a wait between courses.

Dave - Enjoyable evening, good ambience, fantastic squid starter and excellent chicken main dish. Service was a bit slow but food was top drawer.

Dominic - This is one of my favourite eateries, however, on the last two occasions we have been placed upstairs and this time on adjoining round tables which did not work and split the group in two. And the service was somewhat slow although it did look like a full house. Nonetheless the dishes were all very well presented. My starter was the fried fish which really needed some sauce as it was a tad bland. My main of marinated leg of lamb was quite tasty with a little bite to it. All the rest of the dishes were fine without being exceptional. There might be a bit of slippage here with its ranking but the food should save the day. And on a final note, congratulations to Jeff for reaching the 50 milestone.

Graeme - Of all the restaurants in our Top 6, I least look forward to revisiting Curry Leaf East but I don't really know why. It is expensive (but I think reasonable value-for-money). I wonder whether it’s a bit pretentious. Anyway, the food (including sundries) was excellent. I had Ajwani Salmon to start (very tasty) and Chicken Shaslik for main. I know Chicken Shaslik is a girly dish but it had 2 'chillies' on the menu so I thought I would try it. Actually, it wasn't spicy at all but it was still very 'nice'. I think this place would make a good venue for the Wags next outing - it is sufficiently civilised for them! A very succinct AGM earlier - only about 15 minutes and no particular arguments - marvellous! Well done, Jeff & Robin!

James - This was my very first visit to Curry Leaf East. We sat in a small section upstairs next to a large party of vocal diners whose noise spoilt the atmosphere somewhat. Beer available was strictly bottled Cobra or Kingfisher but served promptly and cold. I started with Jheenga Kali Mirch - little spicy fried prawns which were very nice except there were only six! Main course took a while but was the highlight. I ordered Lal Maans - hot lamb dish - with Keema rice and Keema naan; Keema rice wasn't on the menu but the staff were willing to accommodate. It was excellent, the Lal Maans too - plenty of lamb with a rich spicy sauce. Naan was moist with a lot of mince, very good. Waiters were distant but did not make mistakes and willing to accommodate me for a dish not on the menu. Overall value for money was not great especially with the miniscule starter.

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