Name: Barbican Tandoori
Area: Barbican
Address: 55 Aldersgate Street
London EC1A 4LA
Phone: 020 7600 4747

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1. 29 Oct 2009

In an otherwise empty restaurant, it was just Jon's luck to get the seat next to the tramp.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 115 (visit 1 of 1 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 29 Oct 2009
Cost per head: £26.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 5.6 5.9 7.4 6.1 6.0 6.4 6.0 6.6 6.2 6.24
Robin 3 6 8 6 5 7 0 6 0 4.2 See Robin's comments
John 4 3 5 4 4 6 3 5 6 4.3 See John's comments
Alex 5 7 7 7 8 7 7 7 6.9 See Alex's comments
Dave 10 8 10 6 6 6 6 6 8 7.1 See Dave's comments
Jeff 7 7 8 0 6 8 7 7 6.1 See Jeff's comments
Graeme 5 3 7 7 5 7 8 8 6 6.4 See Graeme's comments
Jon 6 7 8 8 6 6 6 8 7 6.9 See Jon's comments
Brian 5 7 9 9 8 7 8 7 8 7.7 See Brian's comments
Tim 4 5 7 6 6 6 7 6 6 6.0 See Tim's comments
Mark 7 6 5 8 7 7 6 7 6.9 See Mark's comments

All Comments

Robin - Draught Kingfisher and proper hot towels: the only saving graces of this restaurant. Its subterranean nature didnít do much for the ambiance and the service was very slow and extremely confused (Alex didnít even get the main course that he ordered). Some of the conversation on the opposite side of the table was a bit distracting too. Note to self: must remember to ask Nick Griffin to dig his Santa suit out and pop round to Timís to spread a bit of Xmas cheer. As to the food: the king prawn puri was nice enough; it arrived as a kit (prawn mixture in a separate bowl) and there were plenty of them, the veg dishes and the special order special rice were okay but not exactly "special", but my main course of hariali meat was truly diabolical. Very sour sauce containing a few bits of rather tough, gristly lamb. Okay, I made a really poor choice; but in a reasonable restaurant there should be no really poor choices. This one fought back big time in the wee small hours: a protracted guerrilla campaign starting at about 3 a.m., finally culminating in a fully-fledged assault back the way it had arrived a couple of hours later. I wouldnít go back to this restaurant even if you paid me.

John - You get what you pay for - this one was relatively cheap but the quality of the food was nothing to write home about. I had a disappointing KP puree followed by a Chicken Chilli something (I had ordered garlic chicken but they cocked it up) which was way too hot. I also don't know what the fuss is about draught King Fisher but at least they gave us the choice.† Real hot towels was a nice touch as were the free round of drinks at the end. The service was a bit erratic - there was something a bit suspicious about our waiter.

Alex - Food decent but service a bit weirdÖ

Dave - Hot Towels and Draught Kingfisher ensured perfect tens for service and beer. Price was also reasonable however this is where the positives end as the food was very average.

Jeff - Good start in the 'Rag', an old favourite, from where it was just a short trip to the Barbican tandoori. The restaurant was downstairs and the room 'unpretentious'. We were seated right next to the bar. Impressive draft Kingfisher, and we were soon asked for poppadoms and our order was taken very quickly, although there were a couple of service errors. Prawn puri came unusually in a little dish next to the plate. Chicken Bhuna was plentiful and tasty, vegetables not bad at all although for me the rice was just ordinary. And a nice touch of free liqueur at the end. The bill at £26 was reasonable I thought, and I'll be interested to see how it scores - it may do well. Post-script: after Griff and I suffered a bout of food poisoning with identical symptoms 2 days later, I have reduced the food mark for the same starter that we ordered (Prawn Puri) from its original quite high levels to 0.

Graeme - A strange location for a restaurant - it canít get much passing trade in the evenings - maybe it gets lots of custom from the Barbican 'estate'. Anyway ... the food was very good, especially my main of Chicken Pathia and the veg. dishes. My Mumbai Platter starter was tasty but a little small for the price. The Peshwari Nan didn't appear to have much coconut. The decoration was very plain - it was clean but that's about it. I marked the Service down because one of the waiters brought and opened 2 bottles of Cobra by mistake (I was the only person drinking Cobra). Rather than apologising and taking one away, he was very insistent in pouring both and leaving them on the table. I think he panicked, thinking that his wages would be docked by the price of the unwanted bottle if he took it back to the bar. I gave an extra mark for the Beer as they had Kingfisher on draft (alhough I didn't drink it!). The evening concluded with another argument with Tim, this time about the lack of national pride in England.

Jon - A Brick Lane style restaurant in the City, but much better than the majority of restaurants on Brick Lane. There was a limited choice, especially in terms of starters, and off-menu requests were apparently not entertained. The King Prawn Puri I chose was very good however, served in a DIY style with the pattie and filling served separately. My Chicken Dansak main was fine without being spectacular although I thought the veg dishes were very good.

Brian - King Prawn Puri starter was served in a novel manner, with the prawns in a separate dish, which I think meant that there were more prawns than usual. Unfortunately I was given Alex's main course, a duck jalfrezi, but it was very nice (although a little hotter than I anticipated, as I think I ordered a bhuna). Draft Kingfisher was a plus, and generally I thought that the food and vfm were good, although the service was a bit slow.

Tim - This was a quiet, subterranean restaurant. It was a pleasant change to find Kingfisher available on draft, however the waiter managed to get confused over the drinks and brought too many Cobras. After trying to presuade us we wanted an extra drink, he eventually just put it down on the table, and then seemed to imply we would be charged for it. The starter of mumbai platter was OK, though nothing special, however the prawn puri that other people were having looked really good. The main of chicken adraki was fine as were the standard vegetables and rice. Overall the service was a bit slow; despite the restaurant being pretty quiet, and it was a bit haphazard at times. A free round of drinks at the end of the meal was welcome, and the overall cost was not too bad.

Mark - The Barbican Tandoori is just off the beaten track from the City but was more like a local curry house. Very empty, not too pricy and fairly basic. Service was friendly but slow, beer draft but flat & warm, Lamb tikka starter plentiful and Chicken Biryani main OK. Nothing wonderful about the place but no real issues either. Good to see Griff entering the wet shirt competition, shame he missed the towels! Note to self - make sure Brian does not pinch your meal.

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