Name: Bengal Tiger
Area: Blackfriars
Address: 62-66 Carter Lane
London EC4V 5EA
Phone: 020 7248 6361

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1. 28 Feb 2002|2. 25 Sep 2003|3. 25 Oct 2007|4. 25 Sep 2008|5. 24 Sep 2009
6. 19 Dec 2013|7. 18 Dec 2014|8. 29 Jun 2018

That's why we call him "Tall Tony"!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 102 (visit 4 of 8 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 25 Sep 2008
Cost per head: £33.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.7 7.4 6.8 8.4 6.6 7.2 7.6 6.7 6.3 7.32
Jon 8 8 7 7 6 7 5 6 6 6.8 See Jon's comments
Robin 7 7 6 8 6 9 8 8 6 7.3 See Robin's comments
Graeme 7 8 7 10 7 7 9 7 7 7.9 See Graeme's comments
Mark 7 8 6 9 5 6 7 5 6 6.7 See Mark's comments
Richard 8 9 8 9 7 7 8 6 7 7.8 See Richard's comments
Dominic 8 9 8 9 8 9 9 6 8 8.3 See Dominic's comments
Tim 7 4 5 8 7 7 8 7 5 6.7 See Tim's comments
Jeff 9 6 7 7 6 7 7 5 6.8 See Jeff's comments
Tony (Guest) 8 8 7 9 7 7 7 8 7 7.6 See Tony's comments

All Comments

Jon - I was slightly disappointed with the Tiger – either we caught them on a good night last year or I once again made a poor choice of main, but the food was little better than average. My king prawn puree starter was pretty good but I decided to try a lamb dish for a change, and the meat in my jalfrezi was not particularly tender and the dish was hugely disappointing overall. The veg and nan were OK but the special rice was pretty good. The company was excellent as usual, and while the Fleece is a damn good pub, I’d have preferred a different venue as I’m normally there at least twice a week anyway!!

Robin - The service was pretty good and the food very good. Excellent king prawn puri to start followed by chicken joypuri - chicken in an aromatic sauce presented on a butterflied yellow pepper. Mark had this on our previous visit and recommended it; not at all hot but very tasty. The (special order) special rice was superb and the veg dishes that I tried were all great. Not a cheap meal by any means, but above average value for money in my view.

Graeme - A top performance from the Bengal Tiger which is a smart and lively restaurant. The food was superb. The (shared) Tandoori Platter starter included succulent pieces of meat and fish - I couldn't fault it. My main of Garlic Chilli Chicken was beautifully cooked and very tasty. The service was reasonable quick and accurate but they were a bit indiscriminate in bringing dishes to the table and just calling out to see who had ordered them. It was interesting to meet in the Golden Fleece which I used to go to when I first worked in the City over 30 years ago - I don't think it's changed much - just like me. I was pleased to learn that our guest "Tall Tony" is also a keen Strictly fan so that kept us in conversation for about 2 hours!

Mark - Did the Bengal Tiger deliver the Grandfather of all curries or a curry to a Grandfather? Certainly it was the Mother of all bills at a hefty £33 but as we all had expensive starters and beers at £4.80 a shot it soon adds up. Platter starter is wonderful and if served with a bowl of rice and a nan would be a meal in its own right. My Chicken Sag main was good and the Mushroom rice not bad either. A good meal in good surroundings at a high price is what you expect in the City. If you want cheap and cheerful go elsewhere.

Richard - There was a nice atmosphere at the Bengal Tiger. Waiters were friendly, there was a buzz about the place, yet it was classy. The food was classy too, with excellent crisp poppadums, followed by a really good and sizeable shared tandoori mix starter, containing really tender steak and tasty Salmon as well as the more usual kebab grill meats. The butter chicken came with a very tasty rich sauce, although the chicken was slightly limp. Rice, nan and veg were good but not outstanding. Beer was cold and arrived swiftly. Bengal Tiger beats Veeraswamy hands down for a posh nosh night out at half the price.

Dominic - This is becoming a firm favourite of mine having visited "off piste" since the last currymarks outing. I like the decor and especially the room between tables. This time I chose the Tandoori Platter (indeed most people chose this dish!) which was excellent. For my main I selected once again the Chicken Xacutie which was delicious. The nan was very good and the special rice superb. Unfortunately the old faithful Mateus has disappeared off the wine list, however, I found a very reasonably priced Argentinian Malbec which went very well with all the food. A very good night out spent with good company.

Tim - The decor here is quite unlike the usual curry place - all hard surfaces with a black, orange and chrome colour scheme. Personally, I found it a bit austere, but it's clean and smart. I had the mixed tandoori starter - the meat was very succulent and there was a good selection of meat. However it cost the same as main course in many of the other places we've visited, and I would have preferred it on individual plates with some salad, instead of sharing from a large serving plate. Main course of chicken korahi was good. No complaints about side dishes or service, though the beer was expensive, and only Cobra was available in a full-size bottle. Overall the food was good, though quite expensive.

Jeff - Efficient service and a very good meal, but not the best i.e. not quite up to Herb & Spice or Mehek standards. Excellent mixed tandoori starter but at £6.75 a head, if I remember right, over-priced, and I think that goes for everything. Good effort at Lamb Korahi (one of my favourites), but again I have had better. I don't think you can justify charging £2.95 for rice. So, good food but marked down on VFM because you can get better for less. Great company as always.

Tony - Service was attentive, poppadoms and sides arrived swiftly with starters soon after. No problem about forgetting anything we ordered. All very professional. Comfortable seating. A few more city types in attendance, but this was consistent with location. Beer was cold. Requested cobra, did not see other options available. Nice touch that we had a free short at the end; even if this was limited to a choice of three; brandy or baileys or something else. Had the mixed korma platter starter. Excellent choice of fish, meat etc. Very tasty and a good introduction. Went for a chapati as opposed to Nan. Small portion. Adequate. Went for plain rice, shared between two. Would have ordered own portion if I go again, but ok.  Picked the butter chicken chef's special. Disappointed that the chicken was in small strips, rather than chunky, fleshy pieces. Sauce was ok, but nothing to get me excited. Still seemed like fresh, good quality ingredients. Tried a chickpea vegetable side. It was ok, not many extra spices or ginger which would have perked it up a bit. Still seemed freshly prepared, so have given a good score. Disappointed with the main, but a good ambience and comfortable place to go, well hidden down a side street near St.Pauls/Blackfriars.

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