Name: Mehek
Status: Closed
Area: Moorgate
Address: 45 London Wall
London EC2M 5TE
Phone: 020 7588 5043

Visits to this restaurant ...

1. 30 Jun 2005|2. 25 May 2006|3. 27 Sep 2007|4. 26 Jun 2008|5. 30 Jul 2009
6. 30 Sep 2010|7. 26 May 2011|8. 26 Jul 2012|9. 26 Sep 2013|10. 31 Jul 2014
11. 28 May 2015

Visit Report

Visit Number: n/a
"The Wags Visit"
Date of visit: 10 Sep 2009
Cost per head: £24.00 (1 drink)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 8.3 8.5 7.7 8.0 8.7 8.3 7.5 8.5 8.5 7.91
Liz 8 8 6 8 7 7 9 8 8 7.8 See Liz's comments
Michelle 9 9 10 9 4 10 9 7.5 See Michelle's comments
Pam 7 8 8 8 9 9 8 8 9 8.2 See Pam's comments
Sue 9 9 9 8 9 8 8 8.1 See Sue's comments

All Comments

Liz - Enjoyed the company & meal. Couldn't believe we were (almost) the only ladies in the place. Managed to talk for several hours without a break putting the world to rights. Did we even mention the men???? Nice touch at the end when Mark & Robin turned up in time to pay the bill (and get the owner to give us a free drink!). Definitely will meet up again. Hopefully more wives will be able to join us. One the the best toilets in an indian restaurant I've been to.

Michelle - Very friendly, quite classy - not the kind of dump I thought you always went to. Yummy rice & pretty good main, am vegetarian so only thing on menu was veg curry - but it did taste good so 8/10 for taste but has to be 0/10 for choice of mains if veggie. Mushroom bhaji and sag aloo all good. VFM excellent although if you add in the train fare then no. Coffee & Mints nice way to end a meal. Meals served in a pineapple - 10/10 - top marks, can't be faulted on this one. Ability of restaurant staff to keep out gatecrashers - 1/10 - managed to pick up a pair of very strange men late on the evening. Lighting fixtures - 8/10 - very stylish.

Pam - Company excellent except for a couple of dodgy geezers muscling in near the end of the evening. One even followed Michelle, Liz and I onto the train. He obviously took a fancy to Liz as he left the train after her. A great choice of restaurant - the men apparently can get some things right. I didn't get to see the sheet of water though, was it there or just an alcohol-fuelled hallucination of Robin's. The free drink nudged my VFM rating up.

Sue - Best part of course was the company. Thanks girls for a lovely evening and especially to Michelle for sticking in there with the organisation! A good meal and a place I would definitely return to or recommend to others. Must do it again some time.

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