Name: Sripur
Area: Monument
Address: 25 Great Tower Street
London EC3R 5AQ
Phone: 020 7621 1214

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1. 24 Apr 2008|2. 29 Jan 2009|3. 29 Jul 2010|4. 29 Nov 2012

Laugh? They nearly did.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 152 (visit 4 of 4 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 29 Nov 2012
Cost per head: £36.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.9 6.8 6.4 6.8 7.0 6.6 7.4 6.6 4.8 6.76
Brian 9 8 7 8 7 8 9 8 7 8.0 See Brian's comments
John 6 6 6 5 5 5 3 4 2 4.5 See John's comments
Robin 7 7 8 8 9 9 9 8 6 8.0 See Robin's comments
Jon 8 8 7 7 8 7 9 8 7 7.8 See Jon's comments
Richard 8 7 6 6 6 6 7 6 4 6.3 See Richard's comments
Graeme 9 7 6 8 7 5 9 7 5 7.2 See Graeme's comments
Neil 6 6 6 7 8 7 7 6 4 6.4 See Neil's comments
Tony (Guest) 9 6 6 6 6 6 7 6 4 6.3 See Tony's comments
Jeff 9 6 6 6 6 7 6 4 6.3 See Jeff's comments

All Comments

Brian - Although conveniently located for the restaurant, the Hung, Drawn and Quartered was a bit too crowded for my liking, so for any revisit, I think we should meet somewhere else (there's an All Bar One just down the road!!). I went for fish for starter and main, and was not disappointed. The spicy whitebait starter was very good, although I still maintain it could be just a bit spicier. I had the salmon for main, I think it was chilli fish something or other on the menu. A good sized fillet, served with peppers and chillies, it was delicious, although I had to leave some of the chillies for self-preservation reasons. The vegetable side dishes were good, although I did not get any chick peas, as they disappeared before I could get to them, and although I enjoyed the egg thing, I think at £7 for two eggs it was a bit over-priced. Service was good, and unless I'm mistaken there was an un-prompted offer of a free drink to round it all off, which was very welcome.

John - Over-priced and average.

Robin - Started with a few pints of ESB in The Hung, Drawn and Quartered (which was packed), then went next door ahead of the pack to claim our table. Once again plain popadoms were delivered as we sat down, but at least this time Jeff actually ordered some of the spicy versions - why bother? The service wasn't quite as snappy as on our previous visit, but the place was fairly busy. I had a king prawn puree to start (yet again) and it was excellent. This time I opted for the chicken tikka pathia main (the last 2 times I'd ordered the "off piste" lamb tikka pathia, and on our very last visit was slightly disappointed by it), but the chicken version has none of the potential drawbacks of the lamb equivalent and once again the sauce was wonderful. The sundries were really nice, especially the (curiously expensive) dish involving curried hard boiled eggs that Jon insisted on ordering (well done Jon - I loved it), and the special rice was again outstanding and plentiful. The VFM score has to take a hit since the prices have jumped by 50% since our last visit (from £24 to £36 per head), but this was still an extremely good meal and I'll be very happy if Sripur remains in our top 6.

Jon - I've always liked the Sripur and it didn't disappoint this time.  It doesn't quite reach the heights of the Mehek but it always produces good food and good service.  I went for the Sripur Special mixed starter which was all good, and an old favourite, the Chicken Jalfrezi - it had just the right amount of heat and was very tasty. All the extras were up to standard.  The synchronised text abuse of our absent members was not 100% effective, but it was a bit of a laugh as usual.

Richard - The Sripur is a fine establishment in a good location, although the price was rather rich – I guess that reflects the customers. Spicy whitebait starter was fine, main of chicken Korai was good as were sides, nans etc. I'm surprised it was so expensive, as for once we under-ordered on the sides (although they were steep at £4+).

Graeme - A very good all-round performance from Sripur. If I was being fussy, I could fault only the rice which was maybe a bit starchy, or just a bit bland (it's always difficult to mark the rice!). My "Sripur Special" (mixed tikka) starter was very good but probably not actually 'special'. My Garlic Chilli Chicken main (actually it was called some other combination of those words) was excellent but just not quite exceptional enough for a 10 (which I have given it previously at this restaurant). The price at £36 p/h was expensive but I felt that we did get good quality for it. This was a very enjoyable night of banter with offensive texts being sent to 3 absent members. Immature? Us? No way!

Neil - Curry house was next door to the pub but that didn't stop half the attendees urging the other half to drink faster. We needn't have rushed as they were quite slow in taking our order and it was only half full. Expensive for a fairly average meal with below average portion sizes. Would recommend the potato paratha though, certainly the highlight of my meal. For once, I could stay late and enjoy the port and very nice it was too.

Tony - The Sripur is a good establishment, neatly located next to a pub and close to the Tower of London. Spicy whitebait starter was fine although a little too crispy, main of chicken korai was ok but nothing out of the ordinary. I can't believe Mr Foster had the same as I did. Sides were good. I was also surprised it was so expensive, as we didn't over order on beers. It was quiet in the place which lowered relative ambience score, but service was very good and attentive. As a late arrival they managed to accommodate my request very swiftly and co-ordinated my main to arrive with the others.

Jeff - The Sripur delivered a pretty good meal and evening, but it lacks the nice touches you find in the Mehek for example. The chief grumble from many last time was the service, but they seem to have sorted this out as there were plenty of waiters and food came quickly. They also now have 2 sorts of bottled beer. And we were also generously offered a liqueur "on the house". My grumble now would be the price, but since everyone seemed determined to order the dearest thing on the menu we made a rod for our own backs there.

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