Name: The Rajasthan
Area: Monument
Address: 49 Monument Street
London EC3R 8BU
Phone: 020 7626 1920

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1. 28 Oct 2004|2. 26 Jan 2006

We have a right laugh on our curry nights.
It's just one joke after another.

Visit Report

Visit Number: 70 (visit 2 of 2 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 26 Jan 2006
Cost per head: £30.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 6.5 5.5 6.7 7.5 6.4 5.8 7.1 6.5 4.5 6.43
Dave 7 7 7 9 8 7 7 7 5 7.2 See Dave's comments
John 8 7 8 9 7 6 8 6 5 7.3 See John's comments
Graeme 7 4 6 7 7 7 7 7 4 6.3 See Graeme's comments
Mark 6 4 8 8 7 3 8 6 4 6.3 See Mark's comments
Dominic 6 5 5 7 6 7 4 6 4 5.5 See Dominic's comments
Steve (Guest) 8 3 9 8 8 10 8 5 7.7 See Steve's comments
Jon 4 7 7 7 6 5 6 6 4 5.9 See Jon's comments
Richard 7 7 7 6 7 5 6 6 4 6.1 See Richard's comments
Robin 7 6 6 9 5 7 7 7 6 6.8 See Robin's comments
Tim 7 6 6 9 5 7 7 7 5 6.7 See Tim's comments
Jeff 5 5 5 3 2 8 6 4 5.0 See Jeff's comments

All Comments

Dave - Highlight was the very tasty king Prawn Puri starter. Things went downhill from here - with the waiter managing to convince me that Chicken Patia is like a plain curry and has lots of sauce. I shouldn't have listened to him. Expect this has not done enough to earn a (now prestigious) currymarks star at the end of 2006. The currymarks train jinx struck again, having left the restaurant at 10:15pm I arrived home via 2 cabs, a train and a bus at 1:00am in the morning.

John - Expensive but generally worth it. The King Prawn puree was excellent but at over a fiver you would expect it to be. The chicken jalfrezi was hotter the next day than it was on the actual night. Bottled Cobra nice and cold. Having replaced the ridiculous star system with something more sensible we've now been lumbered with a crazy country membership scheme and a democratic voting scheme. All those who voted for democracy and country membership are a bunch of liberal democrats.

Graeme - Due to the large number of us, we were sent to the 'overflow' room downstairs. This was a plain and unexciting room - it's only advantage being that it was nearer the toilet. The food was consistently very good but the lack of ambience or draft Indian beer were disappointing for the price, which I felt was too lumpy for the overall experience. It was a disjointed and faintly unsatisfactory evening due to the preceeding AGM which dragged on through two pubs (v. slow service in the Crosse Keys and not enough room in the Walrus and Carpenter) to be concluded in the restaurant and it resulted in some pointless discussion and argument about some relatively minor issues. However, the hot news was that the previously fair voting system (members' votes weighted based on their number of appearances in the year) was replaced with a one-man-one-vote system which gives equal voting rights to everyone, even those who don't turn up very often. Madness - the lunatics truely have taken over the asylum.

Mark - For some reason I do not like the Rajasthan. Not sure if it is the over the top service whereby they like to pour my beer into someone elses glass, the expense to sit in a basement with little decór or, this time, the smell from the loo's. Never the less, the food was very pleasant and well presented. Rice was a bit small not helped by those ordering half portions then having a whole! Not a lot of kick to the meal as it seemed very dumbed down to cater for the corporate lunch market. 'Free' brandies to finish, why not just charge less? AGM was the usual farce and next year I may simply join Brian or just turn up late and go for the meal. Not a great advert for my brother to witness!

Dominic - Well this outing completed the circle - the venue of my very first visit as a guest happened to be the same as my very first evening as an official member! And on Australia Day to boot! But to the business at hand: the service was a little erratic during the evening while the ambience was mediocre (not helped by being put next to the kitchen door!). The King Prawn Puri was quite tasty, the special rice enjoyable and the Nan quite good although very small. My main of Tandoori Lamb Tikka had a very good sauce but the "meat" was mostly bone with very little else. The veg was fine without being extraordinary but the biggest disappointment was the wine which was extraordinarily overpriced. And continuing with this theme, given all of the above this was a very expensive evening for what we had!

Steve - Main dish of Duck was excellent. Shame about the smell of the bogs and the place was a bit small and cramped.

Jon - Maybe I had preconceptions about the Rajasthan from the previous visit, but I was right. Average food hugely overpriced and the service was just TOO in your face. Their tendency to continually fill up your beer glass, be it with your beer or somebody else's, is tremendously annoying and an obvious ploy to get you to buy more beer. As for the food, I had a chilli masala which was OK, and the extras were generally OK although the difference between a double and single rice was not that much. Being in the City, it was lively, but that was about the only thing going for it. Oh, and the less said about the AGM, the better.

Richard - Decor was upmarket and restrained, service good - and so it should be at top whack prices. Food good but not exceptional: I went for the Sikandari main (lamb shank and chick peas), which was interesting and spicy.

Robin - Still expensive but pretty good. The king prawn puri starter was excellent and the chicken jalfrezi was very tasty with a nice gentle after burn. The special rice (ordered specially) was better than last time and the sundries were all quite good, including the paratha bread. Of course, the highlight of the evening was having the 'one man one vote' AGM agenda item passed - admittedly under the rules of the previous iniquitous scheme, but who's counting?

Tim - Excellent prawn puri starter. Main course of sag gosht was OK. Peshwari nan was very small, so has been marked down. Veg, rice etc. all OK. Service was quite attentive, and the complimentary brandies at the end of the meal was a nice touch. It was still quite expensive though, so VFM has been marked down.

Jeff - My first official visit to this place (I'd been before off-piste). To my mind, quite an average place at exorbitant prices. Although they fitted us in nicely, served us relatively quickly, and relatively politely, the service was just unappealing. Only bottled beer. My chosen starter of liver was unavailable, so I had a very ordinary samosa instead. My main course of Duck breast slices in a creamy sauce was very good, the highlight in fact, but the rice portions were meagre in the extreme and the vegetables were just ok. All in all I would expect the place to drop like a stone down the rankings, never to be heard of again. As usual, excellent conversation - normally about 6 going on at once which explains the high decibel levels.

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