Name: Lahore Kebab House
Area: Whitechapel
Address: 2-10 Umberston Street
London E1 1PY
Phone: 020 7481 9737

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1. 30 Dec 2010|2. 29 Sep 2011|3. 27 Sep 2012

It's the Club's 150th outing and the 'Founding Fathers' don't look a day older than they did in 2000!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 150 (visit 3 of 3 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 27 Sep 2012
Cost per head: £23.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 6.4 6.3 8.3 6.8 5.9 6.9 5.1 7.5 6.74
John 7 7 10 8 9 9 6 9 8.3 See John's comments
Dave 8 9 9 7 8 9 9 9 8.6 See Dave's comments
Mark 6 7 8 6 5 7 3 8 6.4 See Mark's comments
Neil 5 7 7 10 3 8 7 7 6.9 See Neil's comments
Jeff 4 4 9 7 4 4 3 8 5.4 See Jeff's comments
Graeme 8 8 9 5 7 7 6 7 7.2 See Graeme's comments
Tim 7 4 8 8 7 7 4 8 6.7 See Tim's comments
Dominic 6 4 6 3 4 4 3 4 4.3 See Dominic's comments

All Comments

John - I like Lahore as it's different from the other places that we usually visit. They do the best mixed starter and the Lamb Sag is excellent. Top marks for Dom in supplying the Port and Baileys. Maybe he could bring cheese, biscuits and cigars next time!

Dave - Excellent outing to the Lahore – as usual mixed meat starter was superb and my curry was also very tasty.  Nan Breads are not good here, so I stuck to the thin breads (whatever they are called) which made a nice change.  Sag Aloo was very good and atmosphere was bustling as always, which made a pleasant change to last month's "morgue".  Overall a good night out to celebrate the "CL" outing of the curry club and good to see all four founder fathers present 12.75 years and 149 visits on.

Mark - Despite booking for our 150th outing (?) there was no record of that so we were shoved upstairs again but at least this time we were given a round table rather than the school hall rows and this worked well for the 8 of us. Starters were the usual excellent meat collection although the kebab had more kick than usual and the lamb chops were not as plentiful as last time. Main was mainly Lamb sag plus I also had some chicken. I didn't actually order anything and just left it to Wrats to order. We all shed a tear for Robin who must learn how to hold down a job! This Tale of Two Cities was not too much of a sacrifice but it was suggested I should have referenced the Ryder Cup so all I will say is I enjoyed Me Dinner! Cheers to Dom for the postif, just avoid the washback.

Neil - Expected to award another 10 for the famous meat starter but it was surprisingly chewy on this occasion, so a bit of a letdown. Main course was excellent and breads the best I've had for a while. Ambience is normally terrible upstairs, a lot like a staff canteen but this time we had a very nice round table in the corner with Rats acting as chief barman for the beer we had to purchase outside. Special mention for Sag Aloo which consisted of a single slice of potato in a sea of spinach, was very nice though. The 150th curry night, wow! Not sure about Graeme's 'zero' hand sign though (see pictures).

Jeff - A second trip for me to the Lahore. By luck and the fact there were only 8 of us, we were pleasantly seated around a round table with no other customers near, rather than on one of the long naff bench-like tables. A fun evening of very juvenile banter ensued. But altogether I still can't get past the beer festival atmosphere, indifferent waiters and harsh lighting. Obviously it works for them because the place seems to be bigger and busier than ever. Great meat starters, hot and tasty kebabs especially, but mains and vegetables were not at all good and the chapatis that came with the main were very salty. Of course the thing about this place is the price, a bill of £145 plus service between 8 of us is obviously very good value for money (plus drinks from the shop next door). Thanks to Dom for the port and Janice from the shop.

Graeme - I have really enjoyed our visits to this place, although I wouldn't want to go every month. It's very loud & lively and the food comes up fast. It looked like they only stopped bringing more when the table was full! We left the ordering to Rats (it's that type of place) and he put his extensive LKH experience to good use. We had the mixed meat starter (seekh kebab, chicken & mutton tikka, grilled lamb chops) which was excellent - I docked it 1 mark as the chop was not as tender as it could have been. For main, most of us shared Sag Gosht (lamb, I think) which was very nice but not particularly special (sorry, John!). For me, this place is all about the meat starter and the other food doesn't quite live up to that high standard. But it's not bad, though! There were only 8 of us and we were seated at a round table which gave everyone the chance to join in all the conversations. This was our 150 outing and there was much reminiscing about the early days of the Club and everyone's first appearance. It was a cracking good night!

Tim - Once again we were seated upstairs in the "school dining hall", although this time we had a separate round table to ourselves (the teachers' table perhaps?). The bright lighting and large size of the room made the ambience a bit lacking, though that's not the main reason to go to Lahore. We all had the mixed grill starter again; a selection of tasty meats, but were the portions smaller than last time? For the main, we shared some lamb and chicken dishes, with a prevalence of lamb sag. The lamb was good, but I think maybe we should have had a bigger selection. I thought the cheese nan was good, and the keema one was fine too. The veg wasn't so impressive though, the sag aloo was one piece of potato in the middle of the dish surrounded by spinach. Service was pretty good. Bring your own bottle was an opportunity to try some interesting wine without worrying about a huge mark-up, and the highlight was Dom's very generous provision of post-prandial bottles of Port and Baileys.

Dominic - I just can't get into the whole "bingo hall" feel of this place, although we did have our own round table this time. My recollection was that the mixed meat starter was quite good and plentiful last time but I felt this time that the lamb chops were below par and the rest was just OK. But my Chicken Jalfrezi was poor as were all of the accompaniments. A big plus was the BYO and Tim brought a fine St Emillion while my Argentinean Malbec was not too shabby at all! Great conversations once again, much banter about the non-attendees and if we proved one thing over dinner it was that Griff has a little head! Not sure the VFM was worth it this time compared to some select Brick Lane eateries and if truth be told, I felt a little out-of-sorts given my "regular" neighbour was on the other side of the table!

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