Name: Gulab Tandoori
Area: King's Cross
Address: 277 Pentonville Road
London N1 9NL
Phone: 020 7833 4308

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1. 29 Jun 2017|2. 29 Mar 2018|3. 28 Mar 2019

Not much left there now, Richard!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 227 (visit 3 of 3 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 28 Mar 2019
Cost per head: £34.00 (1.5 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.7 6.2 7.1 7.8 6.6 6.8 6.4 7.0 6.7 6.89
Jon 8 6 7 7 9 8 6 7 7.3 See Jon's comments
Jeff 8 7 7 9 5 6 5 7 7 6.7 See Jeff's comments
Graeme 9 6 6 7 6 4 7 5 6.1 See Graeme's comments
Dave 7 4 7 6 5 6 5 6 5 5.6 See Dave's comments
John 8 8 8 10 7 7 9 9 8 8.2 See John's comments
Neil 7 6 6 7 8 7 6 7 6.7 See Neil's comments
Dominic 7 7 9 9 6 6 7 7 8 7.4 See Dominic's comments
Richard 8 7 8 7 8 8 8 7 7 7.6 See Richard's comments
Alex 7 7 7 9 7 7 7 7 7.3 See Alex's comments
Mark 8 4 6 7 6 5 7 6 6.1 See Mark's comments

All Comments

Jon - I was far more impressed by the Gulab on this visit as opposed to the previous two.  Firstly, the service was good, the food all arrived at around the same time and all was hot.  I was particularly impressed with the special rice which was delicious and far more plentiful than any of the other rice dishes.  The veg was tasty, although the portions were a tad on the small size.  My special mixed starter was very good and my main was an unusual dish with boiled eggs – different but good all the same.  And, of course, some good footy chat.

Jeff - Chirpy service, a good ambience, solid choice of beers, and food of reasonable quality from this small restaurant. However, the lamb shank I chose off the menu was unavailable and I think for such a small place their menu is too large. My chicken chat with puri starter was the highilght of the meal for me.

Graeme - We were warmly greeted by the new manager (our old friend has departed since our last visit) and given a reasonably comfortable table (considering the small size of the restaurant). The service was attentive, efficient and friendly. I had the Fish Tikka to start which was nice, although not up to the high level set by some previous (off-piste) visits. For main, I ordered the King Prawn Pathia and I was a little concerned when it had not arrived at the table even though every other dish (inc. sundries) had been delivered. The manager then brought it to me and apologised, saying that the king prawns were not as large as they should be and that he would not charge us for this dish. I thought that the prawns were actually as large as I would have expected but the sauce was very runny with no obvious vegetables or spices - very over-liquidised. It tasted OK but I did not really get any satisfaction from eating it. I was sat next to "Google Boy" Jon who, as usual, challenged us to answer various football-related trivia questions. He had the nerve to laugh at some of my suggestions but I think I got a couple of things right.

Dave - Not that convinced by the Gulab Tandoori - the food is nothing special - the ambience was spoilt by a blaring TV showing some Indian film (on request to turn it off they replaced it with some equally annoying Bangla music). I still do not think this is top six and will be even more surprised if it makes the top six again. Left the restaurant to some traditional curry club chants ... however, heavily edited to suit the modern age.

John - Not bad. Possible top six.

Neil - The best of the Kings Cross curry houses we visit; these mainly cater for individuals and couples about to catch a train somewhere. With that in mind it was impressive that they managed to serve a group of ten people without too much difficulty and all the courses were average to very good. Shame about the lack of Baileys at the end, Jeff seemed to finish the last of the bottle and wasn't ashamed to tell us!

Dominic - This is one of my favourite venues with its extensive menu and intimate surroundings and it was good to see another evening that didn't disappoint. For my starter I chose the Special Mixed Platter which was extensive and contained a portion of moorish paper prawns, mussels, garlic king prawns and chicken pakora. For main I had a turned up Lamb Shashik Ronghilla which was also quite tasty. All the sundries were good as was the beloved "Matoose"! Service was good all evening and a complimentary round much appreciated making it a pretty decent VFM venue. Good banter flowed including a chat to our Welsh-biker neighbours earlier in the evening. Also, it seems we have a name for when we decide to form our "golden oldies" boy-band for the next series of BGT / X Factor ...

Richard - A good performance from the Gulab. I had a chicken chat to start followed by a biryani and keema nan. All were tasty but nothing exceptional. The restaurant was well located for those off to the wild lands of the north - and notably had a cheap and spacious local pub nearby. Staff were friendly and efficient with large bottles of cobra on offer and pricing was reasonable, and didn't feel too cramped despite small size. What's not to like? A likely top 6.

Alex - Cosy little place off Kings X. Starter sheek kebab was really good. Main was OK but nothing to get too excited about.

Mark - Good pub to start, Lucas Arms, and cheap to boot. Table all ready for us which is a positive and overall service fine with even an apology and bill reduction for 'Queen' size prawn dish. I had the Chicken Pakora (nuggets) to start, which needs the dip and then are fairly tasty. My main of Lamb Taku(?) was not the best. The meat was a bit tough and the sauce a bright orange/red that had a reasonable kick. Side dishes all reasonable but nothing memorable. Sitting at the end under the TV, it was a bit distracting to have the Bollywood Rocky going full blast but it did stop Griff singing. Good to see our 50+ band growing and only a few to join now - Richard hardly looked any older than last month.

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