Name: Curry Leaf East
Area: Moorgate
Address: 20 City Road
London EC1Y 2AJ
Phone: 020 7374 4842

Visits to this restaurant ...

1. 24 Feb 2005|2. 28 Sep 2006|3. 26 Jul 2007|4. 27 Nov 2008|5. 28 May 2009
6. 28 Jan 2010|7. 30 May 2013|8. 26 May 2016|9. 27 Jul 2017

Aneta z Jon
(najmilszy mezczyzna w Londynie).

Visit Report

Visit Number: 207 (visit 9 of 9 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 27 Jul 2017
Cost per head: £35.00 (1 beer)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 7.0 6.9 7.0 6.9 6.8 6.2 6.4 5.8 5.6 6.55
Mark 7 7 7 8 7 5 6 5 6.4 See Mark's comments
Jeff 4 6 7 6 7 4 5 5 4 5.3 See Jeff's comments
Alex 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6.8 See Alex's comments
Graeme 9 6 7 7 7 9 7 7 7.5 See Graeme's comments
Neil 10 7 6 7 9 7 9 7 7.8 See Neil's comments
Dominic 6 8 8 5 5 5 4 4 4 5.3 See Dominic's comments
Jon 7 7 7 8 6 7 6 6 6 6.7 See Jon's comments

All Comments

Mark - I described CLF to Neil as the Everton of Curry houses. Top half but never really a contender for top spot. It always has a range of dishes not seen elsewhere and can deliver some good food at high end price. Service quick but lost a point due to table issues at start. My starter of Kodi Pepper Fry chicken was good with a subtle kick. Main of Roghan Josh was not as good with some of the meat a touch dry so I was glad the condiments from pops were retained. Good to see they no longer put serving dishes on plates! Flying Horse to start was also good and evening went well - it was great to be back after missing the last 2.

Jeff - My records show that this is my seventh visit to this restaurant, but I fear it may be the last as it was probably the least memorable. It was good only in parts. Good - the quick service, draft cobra, garlic nan. Bad - our table for 8 was not ready, dryish rice, tasteless vegetables, and worst, I was brushed off with a Rogan Josh when it was not what I ordered. At least they have got rid of the luminous green light panel behind where we were sitting, but otherwise it all seemed a bit shabby and the less said about the gents' loo the better. For the first time, I'd not be keen to return.

Alex - Initial cockup with table but fast, efficient service thereafter. Food tasted fine but not quite sure that it was. Hmmm, I felt a bit queasy when I got home so possible something was not quite right with my dinner …

Graeme - I really enjoyed this visit to Curry Leaf East. We sat in our 'usual' place (after they had moved a couple of people out of the way - strange because we had booked). To start I had Lamb Sula, an unusual choice for me but it made a nice change. For main, I ignored Dom's attempt to talk me out of the Xacuti Chicken and I did not regret it - it was very tasty, quite garlicky, yum yum! The service was very quick and efficient and the waiter didn't try to sell us more accompaniments than we needed. I marked down the Ambience score by a point due to the blocked urinals in the gents (the ladies was very pleasant though!). And they had draught Cobra - one doesn't see that very often these days. Overall, a very nice meal and we were out in plenty of time to catch an earlier train than normal.

Neil - I think this is the first time we've met in the Flying Horse, a favourite of mine, so the evening got off to a really good start. The pub even sell halves in trendy glasses so you don't feel compelled to down a whole pint ten minutes before you leave. The Curry Leaf East is an above average curry house we've visited quite a few times due to its reappearance in the top 6. It does, however, lack that feeling of a special venue. This time was different; the food was consistently good with a very exciting stuffed paratha and a very hot and tasty curry sauce for my chicken biryani. Service was also exceptional and we had time to have a drink afterwards whilst still catching a normal train. Top night out!

Dominic - I have been coming to this eatery for quite a few years but have noticed that I am enjoying it less and less. The decor is very nice and modern and the service generally very good (more on this in a moment) but I don't seem to enjoy the food as I used to despite the menu containing some interesting dishes ... and unfortunately this visit continued the trend. The service was quite good but I have deducted a point as they hadn't organised our table despite our reservation and had to move a couple to accommodate us. I shared the mixed meat platter with Jon and found the taste underwhelming although leaving the condiments to use made a difference. My main of Chicken Jalfrezi was very ordinary at best. Indeed I found it quite bland. Perhaps my taste buds have evolved as I seem to enjoy hotter curries than ever before so maybe this is why I do not enjoy their dishes as much given there doesn't appear to be hotter / more spicy items on offer. The rest of the food was just ok although the aubergine dish was somewhat "liquidy" ... at least the pinotage was quite tasty! Although it was another excellent evening of banter in the company of the lovely Aneta (with post-curry drinks following!) I didn't see much value in a £35 per head price tag compared to others we have visited of late.

Jon - Decent display from CLE – the mixed starter was very good but other than that, not much to distinguish it from the norm.  My Lal Mans main was tasty but not special, and it was a tad pricey given our recent history of being spoiled by copious discounts.

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