Name: Cafe Tiffin
Area: Clerkenwell
Address: 69 Compton Street
London EC1V 0BN
Phone: 020 7490 2883

Visits to this restaurant ...

1. 30 Aug 2018|2. 31 Jan 2019

Robin promises his guest "Champs" an evening of scintillating conversation!

Visit Report

Visit Number: 225 (visit 2 of 2 for this restaurant)
Date of visit: 31 Jan 2019
Cost per head: £29.00 (2 beers)

Serv Amb Beer Start Nan Rice Main Veg VFM Score Comments
Overall 6.6 6.9 5.9 7.2 6.4 7.1 6.8 6.3 6.64
Jeff 7 8 6 7 7 8 7 5 6.9 See Jeff's comments
Graeme 7 6 6 6 8 7 6 6.7 See Graeme's comments
Neil 6 8 7 7 6 7 7 6.9 See Neil's comments
Mark 7 8 6 7 8 7 7.2 See Mark's comments
Dominic 6 5 4 7 5 5 5 4 5.1 See Dominic's comments
Robin 7 7 5 7 7 6 8 7 6.6 See Robin's comments
Tim 6 6 7 8 7 8 7 8 7.2 See Tim's comments

All Comments

Jeff - In contrast to our last trip in August it was bloody freezing. I had forgotten how small the Café Tiffin was. It's very informal and byob. A smart move I think. Pleasant service again, and reasonably quick although we had deliberately booked to go early. The main (Lamb Balti) was again a good size, spiciness was about right too, but sides including rice and veg were far too small.

Graeme - I enjoy visiting this area (Clerkenwell) - it's quite lively with lots of young people out enjoying themselves - so we fit right in! I had a better experience in the Tiffin than on my last visit, mainly due to better menu choices I think, especially with my main. I had Salmon Tikka to start which was pleasant enough but it was quite a small portion and came only with a boring bit of salad (unlike the plenty of half-cooked onions as served at one of my favourite places). For main course, I went with the Hariyali Masala which was advertised as being "fairly hot" (which it was!). It came in an off-puttingly coloured grey/brown sauce but it was actually very tasty. This is a BYO drinks place so the cost was artificially low, making it difficult to judge the true VFM. However, it was a good meal in good company and I had a good time. So, it was all good!

Neil - A welcome revisit to our artisan curry house. We had to get there early due to a warning (from them) that service could be tricky otherwise. Wasn't too bad however, only noticeable between poppadoms and the starter course. Since snow was forecast no one seemed to be too upset about the early start.  All the food was of good quality, although the biryani rice could have been a tad more exciting. Hope to go back next year.

Mark - Overpriced pub to start was balanced by the BYOB option with discount beers. Early start on advice from restaurant due to service which suited due to snow forecast. I enjoyed my meal although the portions were not the biggest. Lamb starter and chicken main each had suitable taste but no real 'bite'. Good to see Robin out so early in the year and Champs trying to confuse us with his starter main meal. The Café Tiffin is reasonable and a good different option to some of the City eateries that think they are high end restaurants. I would be happy to return. Lots of snow later so glad of early start.

Dominic - A much better boozer and an earlier start signalled our return to Cafe Tiffin this month where we were greeted by an empty venue - though it did have a few more tables of diners as the evening wore on. However, despite our arrival time, the service appeared reasonably slow throughout and I chalked up another evening where my rice was the last main dish to arrive - at this point I invoke the customary "Jon rant"! For starters I again chose the Meat Platter but the cuts were a little tough, especially the lamb chop which was below par. My main of a "turned up" Lamb Korai was just reasonable with the meat tasting more like chewy mutton rather than lamb. The rest was just ok although special mention should be made of the Stuffed Paratha and Brinjal Bhaji, both of which were quite tasty. Given the above, VFM for me was poor. But nevertheless, another enjoyable evening where it was good to see Champs once more and learn from other members that they appear to have Kevin Beattie on the brain!

Robin - A small, busy restaurant but the service was quite good anyway. I had chicken tikka to start, which was pretty average and with only 3 pieces of chicken. My main of lamb tikka madras was a little better, but the lamb was a little chewy and the sauce was nothing exceptional. The veg dishes were good as was the rice, and having to buy our own beer obviously improved the price, but not to the extent that I'd be tempted to rush back.

Tim - With the pub charging a fairly outrageous £5.15 for a distinctly average pint of bitter, I was glad to be able to move on early to the restaurant, which, as it was BYO, allowed me to carry on drinking at a more sensible price, and with a much larger selection. As on our previous visit, the restaurant was empty on arrival, but soon (mostly) filled up, and, as a large group, our orders were behind later arrivals, which meant quite a wait for starters, though the mains arrived fairly promptly afterwards. I particularly liked the spicy poppadom, which I thought had a better flavour than usual, and wasn't burnt at all, as is often the case. The salmon tikka starter was nice enough, but not particularly large or exciting. The main of Hariyala Masala (chicken with chilli) initially seemed quite mild, but became quite hot by the end. It was a decent size and had a tasty sauce, though tasted a bit sweet (coconut?). The veg dishes were Ok, but seemed to run out quickly. The keema nan was good. The overall VFM was good, even after adding on the cost of drinks, but not quite as cheap as last time.

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